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  1. I was just playing for half and hr after that i got disconnect when i try to login back got error 300. I am out of ideas can`t fix anymore If any 1 know then please reply.
  2. I have been farming celestial basin chests for weeks have more then 100 chest but not enough keys. I know purchasing with hmcoins has a limit.Is it possible to purchase many keys with Ncoins . Event end is almost near if i wont be able to unlock those chests it going to be huge waste.
  3. Resorce: https://emperial.sg/blade-soul-taiwan-dazzling-costumes/ Will this events come on Na and Eu server? I was wondering after 12th will there be Dazzling Costumes Events after 1 or 2 weeks?
  4. i thought outfit was released. Thanks guys for info.
  5. Anyone knows when this outfit gona be back on store?
  6. I have been playing with 3 characters now I am getting one after another problem use to get crash disconnect and now this error 4049. If anyone knows how to fix client error 4049 please let me know Now i cant even update is it for server maintenance?
  7. yestarday tried with some party but every1 was killed looks like need HM11 higher till that time gona lvl up my gears
  8. i have been doing MSP quest till Stage 1-4 but could find any party for stage 5 is there a time where ppl do MSP stage 5?
  9. I dont know how to fix this error before i was able to play on my laptop but perfomance was low so i changed to desktop and its perfomance is much better but when i try for first time login from desktop got this error 200 anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.
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