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  1. if there is no sb at the party exlamber badge + winsong axe always the best choice 👍
  2. Most people must be willing to this injustice.🧠
  3. If these guys haven't solved the problems of this game in 10 years, don't wait any longer, that's their capacity.🆘 Instead of bloodlust, only the g2w or bnsbuddy team can fix this.
  4. I think 2-3 more bosses should be brought in for Blackwyrm and the open world to make this game a little more colorful.
  5. why a selected class bd for op+op? By the time BD's 3rd generation skills arrived, the game became really unstable, unattractive, and colorless.As for the 3rd generation skills of the other classes (asas, des, fm, bm, kfm), while there is not much dps difference from each other, the bd 3rd feature makes a difference in both explosion and permanent damage. There is a very clear dps difference.This is really both annoying and very upsetting for anyone using another class.i wonder why ?Breaking the balance in a game in this way, keeping one class superior to another makes players unha
  6. This game has the worst optimization of the world even though it is old. Blade and Soul ===a system killer ...
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