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  1. SOUL

    Burst (1 min cd soul) or consistent (8 sec cd soul) wich one is better? I'm just taking a wild guess and saying 8 sec is better for extended fights whilst 1 min cd works wonders for shorter fights, but I'd like to get some opinions on it FYI 1 min gives you 450 attack power for 10 sec 50% crit dmg for 10 sec 500% focus recovery for 10 sec 30% elemental dmg for 10 sec on hit, increases elemental dmg bu an additional 200 The other one is basically half that but it procs every 8 seconds instead of every minute
  2. Fury Season

    When is the next fury season coming? asking because fury tokens cost way too much and the other soulbadges aren't a longtime solution for me to buy