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  1. I normally don't post feedback because I understand sometimes things go wrong and it is what it is, but I feel compelled this time. Please, please, fight for us with the KR devs to get some kind of fix for this. It's not fair to change all these items (for no reason, really! the old ones could have been continued on in the new versions of the dungeons) and give us no compensation at all, not even gold for the value of the items. This effects me less than others, as I didn't hoard white orbs and i've already made the oils I wanted to make, but make them fix it for those people. Fix it for all of us, who want to participate in this event properly, and now can't because the items just aren't available. It can't be that difficult to code antiquing items, they do it all the time. At the very least, please at least give people a decent amount of gold in compensation. It's really not fair.