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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Let me translate this for you guys. They announced the new Stream today and i replied with the message: No thanks, half of what you will say there will be wrong. Oh btw how does it goes with the white orb, can we ever hope to get them traded for the new Orbs? Answer of them: bla bla we are so sorry that it came to this misscommunication. Sadly the information we had at that point was wrong. That can happen but it shouldnt. A exchange for the new currency IS NOT PLANNED but we are checking on your guys feedback about the new orbs and sending the results to the moon. my answer: not planned... for a item (white orb) which u got amongst other things for real money. That just suck. I have 120 Orb. You can give me a free orb every day i still make a huge lose on my bill. And i am NOT alone with that Problem. Answer of them: Ye bla bla we understand your frustration and we also aware that we cant make up for it. we only can promise that we will talk about this problems and that we will stand behind the community. Yes please talk until we got our Stuff we lost back, pretty sure that will fix it.
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    well if you guys are smart now you just dont buy any trove keys at all. I am simple at the point to not support this bs any longer. So they either fix this asap (i give them until the end of the week) or i cancel my Premium and move on to a better game. Not in the mood to get screwed from a game repeatedly. (playing since beta btw)