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  1. It's sickening how NCSOFT is refusing to listen to their community. I even remember when B&S first came out. I was STILL receiving this error. There was a time a few months back I disconnected ten times in a row...this is an ongoing error/problem that makes this game awful and unplayable. I can just see the community is slowly going to diminish if this problem continues. I mainly see this problem in the cross-dungeons but occasionally even if I am sitting still in town looking through the market or doing random b&s things...I understand they have a lot of their shoulders with issues, b
  2. DEAR STAFF, How in the hell are you going to call this class "The Destroyer", give it an enormous axe and make it do baby DPS? I mean, I am not hater of this class. This is one of my favorite classes, it's fun but holy hell. Can you listen to your community because without us this game wouldn't thrive. I understand you have many issues to fix. By all means do them, but as a player of this game I feel like no one is truly listening to us. Destroyer has awful damage, we all know this...it feels impossible to accomplish things with it. I have seen destroyers with over 6
  3. I've been playing my destroyer since B&S first came out and literally never noticed how crappy this class feels. I love the class even with that being said but they feel so weak in my experience. Anyone have advice or would mind sharing an updated build; 600+ end game build? I am using my anti-cancels as well but only to find out the DPS isn't high enough compared to other destroyers I've seen ._. not sure what I am doing wrong LOL Also, Happy New Year! :3
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