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  1. WTB VT SS for SIN(Jinsoyun)

    bump, still buying.
  2. This is just outrages, YOUR GREEDY asses destroyed whole market, this is ridiculous.
  3. Paying 600g each, message me here or in the game: Winstrola
  4. Daily Dash bug

    So Daily dash is bugged, I was on helion core and on the last spin, the wheel got reset and started from the start, can you fix this bug? thanks.
  5. Raven King's bug?

    So I was about to buy raven king's for my upgrade, but I did notice, that sealed version looks different, but has the same name, whats up with this? Visual glitch or what? Thanks.
  6. B&S population

    Hi, How is the population of B&S now? and which server is better to join? EU or NA? thanks