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  1. Hi Development team, Can you please bring back the baseball outfit? Spirit of Baseball(Head Adornment) Homerun(Outfit) Thank you!
  2. Unhelpful Support Team

    Is there anyone here who was able to transfer these items to their alt character? Raven Soul Shield - Chest 5 Raven Soul Shield - Chest 6 Raven Soul Shield - Chest 7 Raven Soul Shield - Chest 8 Because I recently asked for Support Team's help on transferring these and responded to me that this was impossible. It said: "Hello, Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support Team. Unfortunately, the items in question are not eligible to be transferred as the items are intended to be character bound. I'm sorry that we couldn't grant your request. If you have any other question or issue, please let us know. Thanks, Leanne NCSOFT Support Team" Why aren't they helping me? Also, why are they taking too long to respond nowadays? Usually they respond in 8-10 hours, but now, they take about 1-2 days before they get back to you...and with a disappointing response.
  3. BIG 6 purple NM DUNGEON seems to be more difficult than before? anyone notice it?

    Change the game name! It's been a week and still experiencing massive LAG/DISCONNECT. You're welcome.
  5. I am writing to present a suggestion for the Skybreak Spire Soul Shield Drop: Instead of the current class-specific soul shield drops, I am proposing that a BT Soul Shield Chest should be dropped. Why? Here are some important factors: 1. There are raids wherein everyone's fully geared already, and nobody needs any of the soul shields that are dropped. There are some who get it for salvaging but other than that, it is just put to waste, since the soul shields that are dropped are not for your class. 2. We don't want to base or depend solely the drop-rate on RNG. For example in a 24-man raid, you're a Blade Master and you need Soul Shield 8. However, your party has been farming for several weeks straight and the soul shield that you need just won't drop. 3. There are cases when the class that would make use of the drop is not on your party. For example, a Soul Fighter Soul Shield dropped but your party doesn't even have a Soul Fighter. 4. It is becoming exhausting to join the raid because the items you need won't drop. I know I can simply purchase from the Dragon Express, but I just honestly find it a true waste to constantly participate in the raid. The drops are too rare plus the fact that they're class-specific. All of us will benefit from this. My point is, I am getting tired of depending on the "RNG gods" to help me get the soul shields that I want. With a Soul Shield Chest, everyone would benefit. Everyone would enjoy the raids and not be frustrated anymore.
  6. Blade and Soul's Philosophy states: "We believe in letting everyone play the game as it’s intended to be played – skill-based progression throughout all the available content. No paywalls will hold you back, and no amount of money will give you an unfair competitive advantage over other players. We don’t like pay-to-win, so what we are offering are cosmetics, convenience, and consumables – not power, not gear, not permanent stat increases. We’re also going to make sure that we have a regular schedule of content updates that everyone will be able to enjoy." I would like to raise a concern after watching the latest game update preview. I just find it highly ridiculous that to upgrade my True Hongmoon Soul to its max level, I need to acquire a load of requirements that would take years for me to farm. For example, following the path required to upgrade my True Hongmoon Soul, I would need Sacred Oils. To craft these Sacred Oils, I would need tons of Evolved Stones whose prices are no joke, and with no other ways to farm! With the current shortage of materials, prices are continuously increasing which in turn would make the acquisition of True Hongmoon Soul requirements to be ridiculously expensive. I thought the game's philosophy was to ensure that "NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL GIVE YOU AN UNFAIR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER PLAYERS"? Ironically, having us spend serious amounts of money seems like pay-to-win, which is not what Blade and Soul's philosophy is all about. So if I wanted to upgrade, should I just "whale" it out to get competitive advantage--which goes against Blade and Soul's philosophy? Blade and Soul NA is one of the regions that comes last on the list when it comes to game updates, so I hope that they take the time to foresee such loopholes and shortcomings that need to be fixed prior to updating the game. There are several areas that are currently "dead" which we can highlight as new areas/ways to farm materials like the Evolved Stone. I suggest that we make use of that, instead of getting stuck at a situation like this where we are seemingly forced to spend just to upgrade materials.
  7. Blade & Soul should come to Steam

    Thumbs up for this! I would definitely buy it! Even the DLC's if it comes to steam. Blade and Soul is an awesome MMORPG that people shouldn't miss out on. I hope NCSOFT invests more in advertising this AWESOME GAME. It just lacks publicity. STEAM = GLOBAL MARKET = MORE SALES = EVERYONE HAPPY!
  8. Global skill latency

  9. Global skill latency

    If this is true, all english speaking players who are far from server can now finally have a good gaming experience. I hope they apply this ASAP, having 280-350ms is just horrible in end game stuff. Those people who are saying why don't you just leave NA server and join a server that is near in your location - Well dude, all players there is speaking in their own language, it's rare to find an english speaking group/raid and FYI, END GAME STUFF REALLY NEEDS GOOD COMMUNICATION TO COMPLETE LIKE BT, SCION KEEP, VT. Thats why we prefer to play in A ENGLISH SERVER and ENGLISH COMMUNITY.
  10. So I did ask bns support team regarding this because it really helps high ping players. If your not a high ping player better STFU because you don't know how it's like to be one. Jun 6, 22:49 PDT Hi Blade and Soul Support Team, I would just like to inquire regarding the validity of editing the xml file of the game application to improve the gaming experience of high ping players. I recently discovered on the internet a video guide on how to edit the XML file using a third-party program called BNS Buddy. It says that it will help improve your gaming experience on Blade and Soul, especially for high-ping players like me. I am unsure if you guys are familiar with this, but I would like to know if this is legitimate and if using this would be a major offense that can suspend or ban an account. I have tried BNS Buddy for 2-3 days and it did help in improving my gaming experience, as I saw a big difference in my character's skills and I can actually enjoy playing with low-ping players as well. Without this tool, it will be difficult to enjoy playing BNS especially on PvP. You can only get by with PvE if that were the case. So I would like to know directly from you guys if using a program like BNS Buddy and editing the XML file is valid/legitimate, since only you guys can provide a valid, technical answer to this question. I have tried asking on the BNS forums but there's no valid answer yet that can verify the legitimacy of this program and if it's okay to actually edit XML files. Because I have used BNS Buddy in good faith, knowing that this can help with my high ping situation. I'd like to know straight from you guys if using BNS Buddy would be considered "cheating" or rigging the game, because if it is, then let us know so we'll be aware of the circumstances that may come with it. Their Reply, Jun 7, 03:07 PDT Hello,I understand the inconvenience you are experiencing with high ping. Unfortunately, we do not recommend modifying game files. As per stated in our Rules of Conduct, modifying any part of the Blade & Soul Client can lead to an account termination. It's not about what is modified and even if you judge that a modification is harmless and does not give you any particular advantage, it is still a violation of our Rules of Conduct. We will not be able to assist you with your account if an issue occurred due to using third party programs or modifying game files. Jun 7, 09:53 PDT Hello again, Rest assured that if the system detects any kind of malicious software/file that may try to alter the client, it will automatically ban the account. DOES ANYONE ALREADY GET BANNED USING THIS?
  11. For people who don't have time for BT (Skybreak Spire)

    @RainbowDashie But that's in Taiwan. We're in NA and we're from all sorts of English-speaking countries with varying gaps in timezones. Almost all, if not all, of the players in Taiwan are in Taiwan, close to Taiwan, or can speak Taiwanese...that's why it seems easier for them to setup BT raids.
  12. I hope there'd be another way to obtain transmutation materials for the Raven weapon and other legendary weapons/accessories, other than participating in the BT (Skybreak Spire). I find it difficult to form a solid 24-man party without schedule conflicts (different time zones, time constraints in setting up a date and time for the raid) and some participants are poorly equipped/geared for the dungeon. Moreover, I seriously think that skipping an important activity, like work, just to be able to participate is extremely ridiculous. That is why I am hoping that Blade and Soul NA can create another way for us to get these materials without having to participate in the BT.
  13. Late Winter Trove Sale!

    I am just hoping that there would be a SALE on the last few days of the Late Winter Trove, just like the previous trove events. For example, there was a trove sale before that sold 150 trove keys for 4410 NCoin (for Premium users), 4900 NCoin (for non-Premium users).
  14. I don't feel "PREMIUM"

    I know the basic differences between Premium and regular users--duh that's why I upgraded to Premium. What I am trying to reiterate is the fact that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO IN THIS TROVE EVENT. I repeat, NO DIFFERENCE IN THIS TROVE EVENT. That is the point. That is the issue.
  15. I don't feel "PREMIUM"

    @doitztard can you tell us what is the difference between Premium users and regular users in this Trove event? From the previous Daily Dash event, there is an additional spin plus once you hit the jackpot square there is a bonus prize for Premium users. So I don't get your logic that the current event (Late Winter Trove) is better than the previous one (Daily Dash), because there are NO Premium benefits at the Late Winter Trove.