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  1. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    You're really doing anything about this problem? I'm tired of play without can use skills, disconnect issues and high latency, ms delay. I'm just stopping of play this game until you fix these problems. Blade and soul is a great game, but these problems with servers aren't a new history.
  2. Suggestion: Latency Enhancement for Brazilians

    Yes, the Latency Enhancement for Brazilians is possible, because there are programs that can lower this value. But, even using them, there is a high difference between a south american player and a noth american player. I saw streamers that can play with 50-100ms, while south americans players must play with 250-450ms even having a 160ms ping or less. This is my expierence that I am sharing with you. If the server could join people with the same ping problem to play together (mainly in pvp, because the Latency works against us in this content) many of these topics will expire.
  3. Fire BM and BM buff

    I would like to see bms with those soul fighters q/e escapes on range stance to iframe far attacks, because bms are agile only near opponent, adding those iframes can fix this problem...
  4. Suggestion: Latency Enhancement for Brazilians

    Any improvement in the ping will be welcome because mainly in Tower of Infinite, PVP and MSP we are harmed.