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  1. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    Another reasoning to change the situation is the fact that there are players, who started to play the game just recently like a year after me, got drops in one run and already doing VT content, while some of us 6 months into BT raiding still no accessories, being sad pandas without knowing for certain if it will be next week or 25th week from now on, because that's impossible that some of us in a chance of 4 elements each boss doesnt see in some statics certain element... End game gear shouldnt be based JUST on RNG... make us hard work for it, but give us some secondary path if RNG plays against us who actually grinds, thats all we saying NC... Or for that matter make them account bound, cause I could cry when it dropped on my alt and noone wanted in that raid, was bout to be trashed, so I paid for it, it's in my inventory on alt and cant do nothing bout it just look at it and convince myself it DOES exist and eventually I get it on my main, cause at one point i was certain I'll never see a light drop pahahaha... for some reason many are against account bound BT accessories saying that there will be tons of strong alts and whales will outbid main ppl in raids.. well flash news, whales already got their main alts already long time geared, and I am certain clans would make rules MAIN characters before alts just like they did with weapon mats and let's face it.... most of big clans or static raids are already done with BT, so I don't see the reason to not make them account bound.... >.> Would be still based on RNG but more chance to get it in a week time not just once.... right? Edit1: Frankly tho, whatever solution NC would bring in, even if it means for me run it another 15 times (for tokens, or certain amount of runs ot buy from vendor or whatever other reason) I would be happy at least to know I will get it for sure drop or no drop..... and from previous posts I am pretty sure most agree.
  2. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    I would just like to revive this topic that it's definitely soul crushing as someone mentioned before. I'm an hm 14 player, going into my 21st run of BT, I NEVER SAW a LIGHT EARRING. I got a bloody awakened 2 lodestar ring already, legendary badge, raven done to 9 long time yet that sore glance on my gears when I see I got no earring everyone asking me how bad is my luck in raid - I got couple of people who are now asking me week by week ''still no luck huh? that's crazy''. Every week, when we kill first boss and it drops yet ANOTHER SHADOW ring (which I saw in my static at least like 15 times) I could cry... I was already raging, crying, calling unjustice seeing other players gearing up in one run, yet nothing to help out, cause it's end game bla bla.... I believe most of you agree 21 runs is MORE THAN ENOUGH OF A GRIND for a BLOODY EARRING (considering can do it only once a week). Not to mention got two clannies who didnt drop fire ring IN 35!!!! GODDAM RUNS!!!! And another person in my raid got same situation with wind earring and he is pretty much demotivated to play the game. NC I BEG PLEASE DO SMTH BOUT IT. It is nowadays easy to find BT groups it's getting slowly to be na old content... noone wants u to give away stuff for free, just give a backup a glimpse of hope that at certain point a person can get it. And before someone goes oh too much QQ, yeah I do QQ and I think after so many weeks i got the bloody right to QQ. Because I cleaned that raid at stage 1 - 4, did all roles possible, there is nothing else for me to learn or get better in, period. Grinded my fair amount of time. Especially by new raids coming out and as a working person, can't afford add raids on raids for several days, so would love to have BT behind me already :(
  3. Hey guys, I've been wondering.... before patch in the game a player could check in Settings - Camera options the so called ''Reflex context guide'' which unabled for players who are not confident yet using iframes in dungeons just press ''space bar'' at the time it showed instead of pressing the iframe itself. After patch this setting is gone and ofc in dungeon it's showing now only the guide for joint attacks, not iframes.. so my question is .. did they take it off default for everyone? or they put it somewhere else? Attaching a screenshot which setting i am talking bout from before patch ... :) Thanks in advance for respond, cause from support I didn't really gain any useful info.