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  1. I agree with everything posted. This wheel "event" is stupid af. 18 seconds to spin? I too am not going to spend money on a game where the people who bring the game to the players don't seem to care how we spend our time in game. Oh and F2 is broken again. Friend list was never fixed... among other things.
  2. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE INCREASE THE DROP RATE OF THE QUICK GRIP GLOVES IN HOLLOWS HEART! https://imgur.com/a/A32Fu Me and my group do between 10-20 runs EVERY day. My friend has over 300 runs, and niether of us have seen the glove EVER! NCsoft please stop screwing over your players. You didn't even introduce a Holiday event and instead had Trove for Christmas, least you could have done was increase drop rates as a surprise to your players who have been supporting your game.
  3. NCSOFT, please disregard such topics. The person who started this topic clearly has no regard for how much time and effort is needed to be able to clear even a single boss in the Temple of Eluvium. I am currently in a raid with a group of clan mates who barely have 100k dps, we don't even have a single summoner in our raid, and quite honestly, I did not believe that we would ever be able to clear any of the bosses. But after little over four weeks of keeping at it one day a week on the weekends, we have finally managed to clear boss one and two. We are currently attempting Scion's Keep which i
  4. I'm sorry to make a post whose contents seem to be a lot similar to the many already up here, but I am doing so because this is insane. I play on Yura NA, and have been disconnecting constantly since yesterday after the patch came up, even today, tried doing dungeons, kept disconnecting, tried doing 6v6, keeps disconnecting, hell I even did the tower of memory event dungeon yesterday and sold off the coin which I got cause I thought it was a mistake, and didn't check the forums on time to know that we were going to be given bells in place of the coins. I don't like to con
  5. Could we perhaps get the bosses to drop ginseng and put them on the same timer as it was during the Celestial Basin event? Because even if the Evolved stones were not accessible, it would be easier to buy the sacred oil or whatever other items people need to gear up... The Celestial Basin event was really good where we didn't have to spam dungeons over and over.
  6. I tried compatibility for Windows 8, 7, And XP service pack 3 to no avail... Started playing on the 32 bit client again :\
  7. Tried everything, but unable to get anything above 20 fps in game with 64 bit client. If I use 32 bit client the fps raises to between 40-55 I don't get it. I use Alienware 17 R3, so it cannot be my laptop, Windows 10 64 bit OS; I've tried settings given to me by support and nothing. So far its been really disappointing.
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