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  1. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    I'd like to know why the TT accs are rising in price to upgrade. On NON-prem users the gold cost over all goes down 300g and 180 eli off. But goes up by 1680 soul stone crystals, and 1200 sacred orbs. Looking at market values on NA 180*6.1g = 1098g for eli off + 300 off for a total of about 1400g off. Now, 1680*.55 = 924g for soul stones and 1200*1.8 = 2160g for sacreds for a total of just shy of 3100g. In terms of gold the accs cost 1700g more to upgrade each. Not to mention Elis are easy as all get out to farm in comparison to MS as well as they are used less so the reduction cost is both an increase in material cost as well as a bad shift in items from something we don't use a whole lot to things we use more often (yes SS and SO are used more often since they literally make up everything). Why is NC masking a cost increase as a reduction?
  2. Evolved Stone Availability

    Reliable: consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted. Technically 51% drop rate satisfies this. But being real, anything better than beast bog, even 30%, is far better than what we currently have. I feel they should just implement a non trade-able evo stone (yeah more inv room taken) but this means we can get more if they transmute into an unsealed oil. Say 10% drop rate in the treasure pouches from dgs. This game after all is a free-to-play not subscription base like KR is so by nature we have to work more for some gear.