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  1. So I've been playing Ice/Frost force master for ever now and like most (if not all) force masters i went for the Tiger Bracelet. But i just noticed that after the awakening patch the Divine Bracelet seems more suited for Frost build??? With my Tiger Bracelet i have to press F to activate the bracelet effect and can then press C (old Z) and spam 2. But the Divine Bracelet's effects activates on C and also gives 40% more bonus to Frost 2, so i don't know anymore. I don't remember the old (?) Divine effect , but i think it worked differently. Did they change it and is the Divine Bracelet
  2. Noice chara name u've got there, My chara's a l55 HM9 Force Master.- and yea, i meant 6v6, like Beluga Lagoon, Whirlwind Varlley :c AH, and I forgot to mention - i'm on Jinsoyun, idk where u at dun :o
  3. So it hasn't been long since i've finally finished the main story and i got a bunch PvP quests refering to Batleground Arenas and i would like to do them (especialy since i need GFs to upgrade m Galaxy Weapon), but i've never been there, nvm my laggin'. SO I don't wanna jump right into matches, without even knowing what to do and ruin the chances for the rest of the team. I saw an practice option in the Lobby, but it requies to choose a specific person and since i'm kinda unsocial, ain't got any this-close-buddies who would waste thier time on such. So here I am, asking if anyone has som
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