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  1. Ye like 2 weeks ago out of curiosity. Dropped after like 5 runs. Dunno the rates but i just might have been lucky. And in the dungeon drop list its still there. I know we cannot trust them with that, but actually i was surprised it works.
  2. You can always run Irontech Forge for Transcendence Engine and exchange it in basin. Not extremely hard but time consuming to drop it. But other than that trove i guess.
  3. Btw @Hime should the GC forgestone apply only for stage 7-9 of GC wep? You can surely get stage 6 from story, but what if you would like to roll the gem slots just if you wanted to? Or in my case having PvE Wingsong weapon at stage 4 it would be better for me to use my solar energy on that character and upgrade Stage 1 GC to TB 6 and then move to PvE path from there. (Probably the case for any class/spec using PvE weapon since it gives better bonuses at the time [Sad Ice SF noise]). Since GC is now considered outdated you can surely make it available for all stages. And th
  4. If solar energy rework will give us an option to upgrade from GC6 to TB6 this event is fine. And its better than we could ask for tbh.
  5. "old and bad content" can be said about pretty much 80% of things that are in the game but outdated and useless. They didn't do it in KR, won't do it here. Even if half of players on EU/NA would cry about it nothing will happen since that cannot be done by NCWest team alone.
  6. So regarding GC from story and people finishing it before update. Hime already responded to that here For the server chat - just a big no. It would just make dominating faction insult the smaller one (lets be honest here). And its not there for a reason. Also having this implemented would make factions useless besides some pvp stuff which is already mostly dead. Im not saying that current solution is best, but that would just make it even worse. Anyway i dont think KR has something like that so it wouldnt even be implemented.
  7. If thats the thing that made you stop playing maybe its for the better. Its pretty common to get multiple slots on different occasions without paying 🙂 Or even sell gold for HM coins and buy it on discount from F10. But well people these days want everything for free without any work required.
  8. Last Mastery Bundle that was removed like a week ago had true tiger soul, gc 9 and some talisman good enough for start with accessories from em. I wonder if they removed it so that they will replace it with c2a gear soon or just remove it so people cannot buy it to do dailies on new alts.
  9. Right now fire shouldn't depend on bullet storm. Unload build that has triple shot locked is giving more dps overall with Eon badge. With VT badge bullet storm made my dps 20-30k worse. And on top of that i was not able to iframe or move for 6-7 seconds during each burst. Thats not possible in top raids. Also its easier for any fight because you stop for a single moment only when using V. My advice is to go Eon and go with Unload build. :)
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