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  1. summoner erath rotation..

    For me I disabled doom and bloom after awakened patch. It was messing up my flying nettles. But yeah the easiest rotation would be spamming 2 and f when its off cooldown.
  2. summoner erath rotation..

    3,1,2,r(lmb),t(rmb),f. the 2,2,2,2,f,f,f,f whenever available. Basically no rotation anymore, just use the skill when it pops up. P.s. if you have a gaming mouse it's easier.
  3. It's only your loot if you actually use the orb. People can say moml and once they get the loot from first boss, leave, then what? How can you actually know whether someone has the orb or not. They could be lying and it happens alot. It's always being who ever use orb on second boss loots, but the first one is always free for all. Anyone who says different is being greedy, just like someone who bids on second boss without using the orb. But ofcourse i usually only bid on first boss when it drops hepta ticket, otherwise i pretty much just move to second boss without bidding.
  4. Currently to create Heptagonal gems you need x3 Hexagonal + 8 gem powders. But with new system you can basically craft an Heptagonal with only 2 Gem podwers. My question being should i salvage my current Heptagonal (which would give me 8 Gem Powders) and once new system is implemented, just craft new Heptagonal or would it be like the last time when we had the option of salvaging old gems for new gems + gem powder difference?
  5. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    Baleful and seraph geared players can form their own group then.
  6. Some idea about dropped lengdary bracelet

    You can switch to different bracelet by getting the bracelet to stage 10, then doing mushin tower stage 16+ for a bracelet that drops there.
  7. Why is Macroing frowned upon?

    so if the "chain" is 1 and press 1 without taking my hands off it, would all the "chain" skill execute too? Wouldn't you classify this as macro? Pretty sure this is a macro, Not advanced like most people use but still is. But the description says "allow one button to chain multiple commands", which means you use 1 then any of it's chained skills would execute.
  8. PvE Path can't proceed

    You don't need raid weapon to run something like Skybreak. I have dawn 6 (now have elemental ring, still need earring), and i usually run when people are recruiting in faction chat. You should be able to do that atleast, unless no one does that in your server. Also pretty much everything you need to get from dawn 6 to raven 6-9 can be found in Marketplace.
  9. solak soul...

    how about they remove that option of upgrading solak directly to stage 4 and instead lets you start with the old normal soul, then you upgrade from 1-4 then.
  10. Suggestion : Make daily Challenge for lvl 50+

    daily challenge is for max level. 55 is max level not 50. Spend that 2hrs and do the main quest to 55. Stop being lazy.
  11. wasting money for 10 ap is dumb, plain and simple. 10 ap doesn't even increase your dps that much. You wont even notice it.
  12. When did dreamforged/riftwalk get a first reduction, cause from what i remember this is suppose to be the first reduction for it.
  13. Legendary sugestion

    [edited - PhoenixMitra] If a casual player doesn't have gold for it then they don't deserve it. I come online only for daily challenges and i'm pretty sure that'll be considered "casual" and i still have enough gold to bid for legendary accessories (still searching for that bracelet)
  14. Exp needed from 50 to 55

    exp from lvl 50 to 55 would probably be based on regions, some regions require less exp, so until we get ours, no one can really tell if it'll be the same as other regions.
  15. Killing Xanos in normal mode?

    Normal mode isn't that hard. Need to atleast know the aoe pulling mechanics, don't stand in circles that spawns. 930 ap is fine as long as you have good crit damage. Maybe your first time you would die, but you'll learn easily. Its Normal mode.