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  1. Halloween costumes when?

    Is there going to be an event with costumes as prizes? Or just cash shop only costumes?
  2. Explain to me how 500ish AP people, i.e. the people who actually NEED moonstones, can "farm" moonstones in tower. Floor 14 drop rate is nonexistent, at most it'll drop 1. Floor 15? How many 500AP people can beat Naksun, especially classes without blocks? Yes I know there is one video of some 400AP guy beating Naksun. Good job, no one cares, that's 1 player out of 100k players. Just the prime example of how badly this game is designed. Gotta do endgame content in order to get mid-tier upgrade materials, or gotta do PvP crap in order to level up PvE gear. This is the equivalent of having to solo Yeti 4m mode in order to get your Yeti upgrade weapon. /facepalm
  3. It's been like this for the last few hours. What's going on? This happens after selecting a character after entering PIN. After being frozen on this screen for about a minute or two the client will simply crash.
  4. maintanance in progress? ! :O

    I'm not from Romania... I'm from Canada. I get similar error, instead of saying in maintenance, it just says I've been disconnected. Happens before the PIN input. Can't login for last hour. Forum so slow to load.
  5. "Work hard" how did this went wrong?

    Everything in this game is dependent on RNG. There's an RNG chance you'll even get credit for kills in SSP because the devs simply love trolling half the players who work hard to attack those ridiculously dangerous terrors, then reward them with a big fat middle finger. All that just for an RNG box where there's a 80% chance to get absolutely nothing. RNG to get credit for an RNG box to drop. Lol smh. Here are more ideas for you dev on how to ruin your game even more with RNG: RNG chance to level up, if you fail RNG, you either reset to 0% exp, or go back a level RNG chance to get credit or a chest for anything in SSP even if you dealt enough damage. RNG chest inside the current RNG chest, so basically there's a 20% chance you'll get the RNG chest inside the RNG chest that the boss drops, 80% to get a "try again" note worth 1 copper. That'll surely improve SSP and make it more "competitive" or whatever term the devs said RNG chance boar will spawn in SSP. Immune to all damage unless you have "anti-boar buff". RNG chance to get this buff. Only players with 750+ AP will get this buff. This will certainly make boar even more impossible for most players which is exactly what you're looking for RNG chance to complete a quest. NPC will randomly say "screw you, go do the quest again cause I feel like it" RNG chance for dungeon final boss to spawn, cause it's totally awesome for the grind-lovers to go through entire dungeon for absolutely nothing, they'll have fun running through the same thing again with no drops! RNG chance to get robbed when doing quests. Every 1000 steps you run has a chance to lose 10% of your gold from invisible bandits RNG chance to disconnect anywhere anytime, oh wait this has already been implemented RNG chance that you won't get anything when buying stuff from cash shop, oh wait this has already been implemented via RNG boxes You're welcome, don't forget to credit me if you use these in your future patches.
  6. 10/12 maintenance

    "Routine [...] modifications" = MMO speak for "nerfing drop rates a few days after major patch".
  7. I'm getting bored of the daily challenges so now I'm just grinding for costumes. I googled around and apparently lots of people are saying the costumes like "first step", "dark sandstorm", the blackram uniforms and twin widow outfits had their drop rates significantly lowered earlier this year, like Feb. At launch people are claiming that these costumes literally drop every other run and some people got like 10 copies of them in a few days. Is this true? If it is then I guess it'll be a complete waste of time grinding boring low level places like the rookery, skittering tunnels, BSC and BSH if the drop rate is like 0.001%?
  8. Tower of Memory rewards are crap

    The only purpose why anyone'd even bother with this borefest is the costume, NOT plural, since the 80-coin costume is garbage. Moonstone drops are nonexistent or 0.0001%, and they went WAY OVERBOARD with boss HP. Why not make final boss have 999,999,999 hp? While they're at it why not make it infinite hp? Oh ho. Prime example of devs too lazy to program anything new so they just put these new "clickfests" in the game then boost boss HP 100 times, because they take zero effort to program. Pro tip on how to make events: DON'T MAKE THEM BORING. Simple as that. This event is so boring that it runs the risk of breaking my mouse's LMB because all you do is hold the damn button down. Make your events like the mushroom cave where there's SOME skill and mechanics involved ffs. Hell even Mushin's tower is more fun than this.
  9. Hair Change Pass

    Cause they want you to spend $15USD on it that's why. Pretty simple. Why implement a cheaper option of only buying 1/10 of the product, when they can force everyone to buy the entire product, then throw away 90% of it cause they don't need it? There's a reason why the #1 nickname for NCS is Greedsoft.
  10. No it doesn't, it will say "bid failed" then skip to next item. Just happened 10 min ago.
  11. Forgekeeper and weapon repairing suggestion....

    Or, how about just put the damn red teleports in dungeons that actually need them? Some tiny dungeon like Yeti has a red portal but insanely long ones like lab, BSH, BSC, Sogun don't have them? Wtf? I honestly laugh every time I see someone supporting the existence of repair hammers. Oh yes I'm sure the economy will be balanced from everyone spending an extra 50 silver a day on repair hammers, yup highly effective gold sink right there. It does absolutely nothing other than annoying players who forget to repair their weapons and waste everybody's time because they have to wait for them to walk all the way back. If that was the intention, annoy players, which I'm 99.99% sure it is, then congrats, you've accomplished your goal NCS.
  12. Who came up with this idea that after you make a bid on an item, you can immediately leave party?? So sick of complete a-holes making some insanely high bid then immediately leave party just to troll everyone else. In a party of 6 there's no way all 5 people can press "pass" within 1 second of the troll making a bid, so doing something like this pretty much has no risk at all. Most of the time it's because they're sour they didn't get the item they want so they ruin it for everyone else. Put AT LEAST a 10-sec timer after you bid where you can't leave party, problem solved. I can't believe this wasn't implemented at launch. You can't force-shut the client that fast so this will make those stupid trolls think twice about pulling something like this again.
  13. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    Oh yeah that's right. Or busy streaming stuff and showing off their OP GM gear with like 999 AP.
  14. Dear staff, do you care about your game?

    No the staff don't care about the game, otherwise they'd actually be in the game as GMs. Simple as that. Have you ever walked into a department store where all the "staff" are either bots with automated message, or screens that try to help you "remotely"? Lol. The staff are too busy enjoying banning non-premium people for fabricated reasons or no reasons at all.
  15. How to farm twisted orb?

    Costume requires 150, you only get 2 a day from the dailies, so that's 75 days not a month. That's 75 days of actually doing the stupid dailies of kill kill kill. Well thanks for the tips but I already gave up on this costume, simply not worth the insanely boring grind. I wouldn't mind if any of the monsters in this area actually dropped some loot, but oh no, they just had to make this crap completely a waste of time by making the monsters drop absolutely nothing. Yet another middle finger to any player insane enough to even bother wasting time grinding this BS. NCS, if you want to make your game as grindy as possible, learn from other grindy MMO's. Insane players don't mind killing the same monster 5 million times, at least make it so they fricking have a chance to drop stuff, is that too much to ask?? So people might actually end up with some loot after they burn their brain cells out?