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  1. So far absolutely no issues. If you have potato PC, your performance may drop and that's normal cuz the anti-cheat program uses a lot of CPU to scan for cheat programs. It's no different than your anti-virus program.

  2. 25 in 2 days is impossible because the drop rate is about 10%. I currently have 7 and opened close to 60 special boxes. Dried ginseng can also be obtained from Windrest, so it is very likely that guy got most of the ginseng from that location. 

  3. Macros and illegal VPNs are also heavily used by gold sellers for some applications such as mining quartz. Macros alone I don't think can get the job done, hence illegal VPNs that allow players to get like 10 ms ping in NA servers.

  4. The misspelling is deliberate to circumvent the word/phrase spam filters. It is very likely the word 'Level' or whatever word/phrase it is supposed to be is in the spam filter database. 


    There are definitely uneducated/mentally challenged kids playing this game, so I wouldn't be surprised if they fell for the scam.


    Company won't do sh1t because adding security software of some sort costs them money.