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  1. 13 hours ago, PhoenixMitra said:



    Just a quick reminder that we encourage you to report suspicious players to our Support team, preferably with screenshots or video evidence. We do not have the means to look into these situations here on the forum.


    We also appreciate the feedback and can assure you that it is communicated to the appropriate team members.

    Bullshit. I have posted some incriminating evidence and the mods were quick to delete them in fear of being exposed.

  2. The gold sellers bought a bunch of valuable materials and uses them to craft STS. Then they sell the STS at a premium rate. Where did they get the gold? They hired a myriad of gold farmers (paid probably around $3-$5 per day per 12 hours) to farm gold for the gold sellers. This easily allows them to play the market.


    I know a gold seller that has 20K moonstones sitting in one of their 'bot' accounts and 20K quartz in another account. Then they have like 20 chars that craft STS and oils. 


    And given that the devs purposely did nothing, we know they are part of the problem. This is pretty much the case in all MMORPGs.


    Leyren is probably a gold seller. Gold is not easy to farm, dude.

  3. 14 hours ago, Jem said:

    I do not understand how hard it is it for them to make it 100% drop.


    They don't even realize how much evolve stones you need from start to finish.


    PLUS there are literally hundreds and hundreds of people playing this game. Putting in 100% drop rate on evolved stones wont even put that much of a dent in the economy cuz EVERYONE needs them. And these same people have ALTS that may want to upgrade their soul on their alts so of course, you'll even need more evolved stones. Don't understand why they don't just put evolved stone bundle for Mushin floors 16-20, making floor 20 have a higher chance to drop 10 evolved stone bundle of some kind, kind of like how they did with Naksun.


    I'd rather farm him than some shitty ass basin boss that barely anyone even does anymore. 

    They want you to buy gold. They use gold sellers and gold farmers as leverage to inflate prices of goods. If anything, you should be blaming the idiots who are buying gold. Then again, you can't fix stupidity.

  4. It's controlled by gold sellers. They don't want you to get moonstones that easily and instead they are making you buy gold from them (they get the gold from gold farming slaves --- the ones you will most often see in SSP). If they ever see a nobody getting resources fairly easily, they will send the whales (frequent gold buyers) to slow you down.


    MMORPGs have always been garbage. This one not any different.

  5. Well, looks like I'm going to quit this game for good. I will have too much difficulty farming items. I don't buy their premise regarding the raid because it makes no sense. You can't even do the new raids without raven gear, which most players do not have. The real reason for the merge:


    * prevents gold farmers from easy farming in empty servers.

    * benefits the large clans that are selling spots for the raids

    * induce inflation for the benefit of the gold sellers and BnS shop


    The game has to be dead. All I see are gold farmers from China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

  6. There was a warlock relatively new to the game with about 13K DPS and played EC normal dungeon. The party leader, with 'meh' gear, complained about the warlock not using SB and kinda kept harassing her until the last boss. The irony is the party leader died early in last boss because he broke stealth. And he didn't bother to use revival charm and the scummoner didn't revive him LOL. Even funnier is the warlock never died and played as mark just fine. 


    Just ignore the whiners and as long as you are not a burden to the other party members, you're fine.



  7. 23 hours ago, zerooo said:

    this is one thing i really dont get from players......i encountered many people that say and i quote : lets finish this fast i have to farm  blablabla i dont want to waste time.... 


    i mean..dude you are playing a videogame .. you are wasting your time...  by no means im saying is bad or something i just saying this people need to realize this is a video game , you are supposed to enjoy it , not try to make a living of this...

    as for asking unnecesary ap for dgs...thats so sadly true , the last one i saw is  a dude asking 850+ for shattered thats kinda pathetic if you ask me.... 


    The majority of these gold farmers in BnS are from China, Vietnam, and Indonesia and are doing this for real money. They can easily be spotted at SSP.

  8. It's due to the merging of the drops between 4 and 6 man dungeons. One of the loot slots merged the heroic acc and superior weapons together. It's just a stupid and lazy dev that doesn't know what he's doing.

  9. VPNs are technically cheating, as it actually does some modifications to the game (that's why chat sometimes break). MMORPGs in general doesn't ban them because big gold seller companies heavily rely on them, and it's obvious that these gaming companies are colluding with gold sellers. That's why I don't support MMORPGs in general. Too much corruption. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Dad said:


    Well then I guess it's up to you on believing it or not.

    I only know of small dragon certs, which is used for guild crafting, will be replaced by new or existing items. There is most likely more than that, because I can't see the devs just changing one minor thing for guild crafting.  

  11. 45 minutes ago, Dad said:

    Already talked to JJ about this 2 weeks ago. No new content. We won't have new crafts for a long time. Kr community says it's horrible anyway.

    Only thing they are focused on is the pvp tournament.

    Source or the talk never happened.

  12. 5 hours ago, AhComplicate said:

    It will only be event rotation

    They normally do pre-view stream before patch

    So June 14, no patch just event rotation

    Crafting changes could be possible.