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  1. fix this whole game

    The game was designed for players to spend money. That's obvious, isn't it?
  2. Trove event share what u got

    Used 60 keys so far. Sold my healthy stack of gold for hm coins, so I don't have to spend a dime. 2x Renegade (ugly uniform) 1x Cream of the Crop (colour palette sucks) 2x gems (chose aquamarine and citrine) 20x radiant energy 30x fabric 2x high quality fabric Soulstones/Moonstones/SF refining stones Some gold Some mysterious crystals A couple of lost HM skill books Some of my friends were rather unfortunate. No gems in particular.
  3. Disconnected

    The problem exacerbated today. I know a ton of people including myself who got disconnected every 15 or so minutes.