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  1. MSP Raids becoming less and less...

    babeIn: A lot of cheaters run bots. The bot does the grinding for them.
  2. Naksun Floor 15 Ninja Nerf Drop rate

    I got 8x 10 ms bundles and 1x 100 ms bundle in the past two days. The rate hasn't changed, dude. You probably got bad RNG seed values on those days.
  3. hows the spawn rate for merchant for u guyz

    I bought sacred oil in one of the runs, but overall I wasn't taking the merchant event very seriously because I've been told the spawn rate sucks. It felt like 10% chance of spawning.
  4. Well, i leave again this game :D

    Since when did trove offer heptagonal gems?
  5. Heaven's Mandate and Daily Challenge

    I rarely play that level because it's stupidly designed. Seriously, who is dumb enough to voluntarily use a scale without getting any returns??? Even worse, the drops are sh1tty. No incentives to do this dungeon.
  6. Merchent actually coded in?

    Got him twice in 4 runs today (at Sogun's Lament and HM). He offered decent items. I bought honorary ornament (80 s) and lunar twilight flower (2 G). No 'bad' merchant so far.
  7. True Profane -> Asura Weapon. Devs I need answers

    It is NCWest's fault to some degree. If they had posted some disclaimer that they aren't told about all the changes for each patch, then they are off the hook. But they didn't do that. Talk about *cricket*-poor problem solving skills. They hired bozos. That's a fact.
  8. Merchent actually coded in?

    I did about 10 casual merchant runs. The merchant only spawned once at necro (4 man if that is relevant). I bought a lunar twilight flower.
  9. venture tokens

    Nothing is for free OP. *smh*
  10. The Trove is a lie, there is no trove

    So you had enough gold to buy gems, but not enough gold to buy radiant energies? What? BS meter rising?
  11. Server Freeze and DC

    Umm...most players have experienced the scenario from player B. My god, you need your head checked.
  12. Server Freeze and DC

    DDoS attack, I'm pretty sure. Considering NCSoft's incompetence, I'm not surprised.
  13. Server Freeze and DC

    Everyone in my group dc'ed.
  14. Yes I was going to post this. Got d/ced a lot in the past few minutes.
  15. Both sides were equally at fault. If those people don't know how to iframe, then they are a hypocrite for calling the FM a noob. That FM looked like a crappy player, though. S/he hould have at least showed some humility instead of giving attitude. I'd sheath anyways, because anyone could miss iframe because of lag or brainfart.
  16. R.I.P SSP

    Buy gold. Problem solved.
  17. Honorary ornaments suggestion

    Dear lord, no. This will only encourage botting.
  18. pumpkin spice candy

    Heaven's Mandate (reward from dynamic quest).
  19. Mysterious crystals are for whales?

    He relies on his guild members (big whales) to pay for what he wants, so it's more of a group P2W if you ask me. He's also a premium user, which qualifies as P2W. And being a gold seller is a full-time gig. I don't know what he gains from doing this. It's just a waste of time. Good to see the whales support the company though.
  20. Well, the devs and the game designers are laughably bad (they aren't paid well plus constant high turnovers). The antidotes should be purchasable inside the dungeon. And the party should be allowed to kick a scrub or bot out. I doubt the company will do anything major because they are operating at low budget.
  21. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    I'm already done with this game. At this point, I'm just collecting/selling resources and selling gold for hm coins. There are much better games out there. I wouldn't pay for such a mediocre game.
  22. Guys, how do we know that guy isn't a gold seller? This is a common way to launder gold.
  23. Prices all increasing again

    Gold sellers. I can't believe no one mentioned this.
  24. Summoner DPS

    My gut feeling is that summoner is a macro user.