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  1. He's BSing. He probably applied a hack recently that has gone wrong. The majority of the whiners in this forum are surely script kiddies.
  2. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Looks like some hackers already made a bypass for xigncode3. Some whales are already using it.
  3. NCSoft do you care about f2p players?

    I strongly disagree. I really think this was an inside job. The same goes for the CB event and other past events. Shady as @#$#.
  4. XIGNCODE3 ?

    So far absolutely no issues. If you have potato PC, your performance may drop and that's normal cuz the anti-cheat program uses a lot of CPU to scan for cheat programs. It's no different than your anti-virus program.
  5. XIGNCODE3 ?

    I'm betting all these whiners are script kiddies.
  6. Who made this event????

    25 in 2 days is impossible because the drop rate is about 10%. I currently have 7 and opened close to 60 special boxes. Dried ginseng can also be obtained from Windrest, so it is very likely that guy got most of the ginseng from that location.
  7. Mommys/girls play games too even blade and soul

    I honestly would not reveal your gender as female unless it's a player you trust. There are a crapload of creepos in the internet.
  8. Celestial Basin boss grief

    I'm not a whale, but I got 5 ginsengs so far. This event is BS. LOL.
  9. You do realize the buff event and normal/hard modes came out at the same time. How is there a 'before"?
  10. The optimization hasn't improved. The 64-bit client just allows more RAM usage so the game doesn't crash.
  11. Maintenance on 4/26/2017 - Duration

    I think they were doing a rollback or something. There were far too many cheaters exploiting bugs from the previous patch. I know a Chinese whale that exploited the EXP charm bug.
  12. Use of macros

    Macros and illegal VPNs are also heavily used by gold sellers for some applications such as mining quartz. Macros alone I don't think can get the job done, hence illegal VPNs that allow players to get like 10 ms ping in NA servers.
  13. Use of macros

    They only care about making money. LOL. They don't give a crap about cheating or whatever.
  14. The misspelling is deliberate to circumvent the word/phrase spam filters. It is very likely the word 'Level' or whatever word/phrase it is supposed to be is in the spam filter database. There are definitely uneducated/mentally challenged kids playing this game, so I wouldn't be surprised if they fell for the scam. Company won't do sh1t because adding security software of some sort costs them money.
  15. is poharan jin or gon

    Looks like Jin to me.
  16. Feb 14 Client.exe not showing up again

    And how do we know you guys aren't some kind of script kiddies whining about the issue? Most of you have very few posts and that's a big red flag.
  17. is it possible to farm 2 amethyst during the event?

    5 of 7 crits. 57 chocolates.
  18. is it possible to farm 2 amethyst during the event?

    45 chocolates. 4 out of 5 crits. m9(^A^) Didn't buy chocolates from shop nor am I premium.
  19. Small patch and Maintenance

    Management handled this very poorly.
  20. Should I try desolate tomb?

    Make your own lobby and state that you are a first timer willing to learn. There's always somebody willing to teach you.
  21. They won't do anything and they'll only feign ignorance should something incriminating leak out. They need the gold sellers to attract the gold buyers, who has a crap load of dirty money. Even more amusing is that the game company seems more serious in removing benevolent troll posts than catching malevolent cheaters.
  22. some math behind Icy Treat Chest

    Where is the actual math? *smh*