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  1. Emergency maintenance for...THIS?

    No. Somebody reported an exploit that is related to the event.
  2. PSA: don't buy the upcoming RNG box

    You're not going to stop the money laundering whales from buying them. That's where most of the profits are coming from.
  3. Check the CPU and GPU temps during load and post them here. Also check the fan speeds.
  4. Thanks @NCSoft West @Blade & Soul Ops

    It's probably a shill. I've seen posts like this before.
  5. Locked Mechanizer Weapon Chest

    Hmmm? Weird. I was able to use those HM brilliant keys to open mech wep box, but you need THREE.
  6. FYI, a non-NCSOFT game has also been hit with DDOS since last week. FFXIV. I believe FFXIV NA/EU also uses level 3.
  7. No, not true. Several sources have confirmed it's DDOS.
  8. I think level 3 is hit by DDOS.
  9. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Good thing I didn't fall for the RE scam. I noticed some irregularities in the stream.
  10. Deceitful Practice

    Spent several thousand dollars on trove garbage? WTF?
  11. Mushin Tower Ranking

    The whales are exploiting the fact that you can stack buffs by switching weapons and mystic badges and reset the boss immediately. It is specific to Mushin Tower bosses because you can reset the bosses just by going out the door. @Zuzu: Other whales not aware of this exploit will get cheated out of their rankings. See the problem?
  12. Mushin Tower Ranking

    They should be banned for using an exploit. I think this exploit has been posted publicly somewhere.
  13. So Why?(Scion's Keep)

    A strategy to cheat the system. And that's basically the definition of an exploit. Definition of an exploit taken from Wikipedia: Use of a bug, glitch, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers. This fits the profile 100%. Just because the other regions use it does not mean it is legal. And the GMs have already confirmed it is an exploit. And I know for sure it is an exploit.
  14. So Why?(Scion's Keep)

    There were a large number of whale players taking advantage of an exploit and they didn't bother to report it to the GMs. They should have been banned, but GMs were too scared to pull the trigger.
  15. I believe you need to buy a crapload of Ncoins to get priority support. Several premium players I know got way better support response than I did. When I contacted support as F2P player, all I got are copy and paste responses. One of the whales I know already spent $10K USD in this game alone.
  16. High AP Hypocrisy

    These are most likely gold farmers dude. Most of them are from third world countries and they are paid by gold sellers to farm gold for the gold sellers. They can't afford their own computer, so it's very likely they are using computers from a small computer lab set up by the gold seller. They also run macros with a monotonous key sequence and that may explain why their DPS is shit relative to their gear. These gold farmers are just that lazy.
  17. Trove not so f2p friendly...

    zapzap77: Regarding selling gold, there are a number of Asian whales that belong to a gold selling group. They hire a myriad of sweatshop gold farmers, who most often cheats, to farm gold for them. The gold sellers sell the gold to western players in exchange for Ncoins. It's much cheaper this way, but I question the legality of this practice.
  18. Transformation Stones?

    TS is very cheap right now.
  19. pistols issues

    Seems like just human error and now the scummy gold farmers are exploiting the error. In many MMORPGs, that could get you banned.
  20. 720USD never seen fountain

    Eh? I got one of the BT breakthrough mats on the 32nd key as a guaranteed crit. I didn't spend a single dollar, but I sold some gold for HM coins via F9. *Laughs at cancerous gold sellers who have been persistently targetting my hard earned gold stash*
  21. Finally I have that damn ring ! :D

    4 of my chars got the belt in less than 30 runs in normal mode. *pukes*
  22. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    Judging by your results, those aren't real crits. The super crit should have a special animation.
  23. DC every 15 mins

    And why are you speaking on their behalf? Is the network team outsourced and cannot speak English?
  24. Friendly reminder for NF

    They are most likely running macros.
  25. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    That's almost $450 US. Do you seriously see the problem with that?