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  1. You have a point, but it actually takes even less time if you are over 15k peaches and if you do the area boss's every 43 mins you have a chance at evolved stones, 18g atm. But no1 wants to spend 8 hours a day in the godforsaken place
  2. First things first, do not upgrade draken, you will be swapping over to hellion/raid tier fairly quickly. Aim for your 100 runs in the hellion dungeons, at some point you will want to do 6v6 and hellion will help. with the new change to IF and EL dropping awakened trans engine that could go for a nice price and you might see it 1-50 times in your 200 runs in both. Take advantage of the ppl willing to pay and get a nice share. once you get you raven in not too long, upgrading it is cheap (compared to getting it) hit raven 3 and farm away in SSM and HH (most ppl are recruiting at 1k atm) the r
  3. I actually have to agree with the OP on this one, and i have an fm at aransu 6 tiger 5 soul awake neck 3 and a gunner with vt gear, with various alts at bt/vt. Mats for mid to high tier is harder to get now, more than ever and that is on of the main reasons. soulstone/sarcred crystals:moonstone crystal ratio is around 7:1. while i disagree that low tier players have a hard time to gear in a reasonable time, its mid tier that gets rek'd by this change. One thing i seem to see a lot is ppl just see dc gold, while i agree its a pain for mid tier and low tier to get gold is harder now, low tier d
  4. Immunity becomes a problem when it gets stacked. SS's max pet and class skills, once you combine all of those certain class's stand out because of their innate defensive kit. some class's have an overloaded kit when coupled with this and become broken, while others just have a bit more def.
  5. As a FM main and someone who plays 6v6 for fun and has a decent amount of gear and chills in the top 50 for 6v6 (i am poop at 1v1 but i know my class) they are op, there dmg with vt base and pvp weap/ss is a one shot to anyone not paying attention this goes for ice and flame. There stalling is too easy to pull off with guaranteed resets with dragonforge and if you are good you can stall 6 ppl indefinitely, we are unkillable if we don't make a mistake. On the other side of the coin, while we are stalling we can't kill unless there is a pleb out of position or we notice ss/tab is down (there is
  6. The amber gem, proccs of resists (iceblock/sheath/veil) it makes a nearly unkillable class, more so. Debuff damage is extra % dmg on a cc'd target, Think of it like this, Amber is your 6v6 version of the obsidian for elemental. the Inferno insta cast will get that extra dmg on a stunned or dazed target + debuff %, however if the target is KD or KB you only get the % dmg, not that additional dmg of that skill.
  7. As a Main FM with 1100+ ap with vt/bt, both in ice and flame, i believe fm actually needs a nerf, especially when it comes to blackwing soulburn, if you get a good timing on it after your opener and have procced your dragonblaze (courage badge) and your Dual Dragons (bracelet) the pure amount of dps gained from soul burn is only matched and beated by gunner, other class's do not compare to either of them, while i am in the boat that Gunner (flame) needs a serious nerf, as it is not in line with any other class, fm is in the same boat but not as severe. Ice is infact opaf, with the right gear,
  8. Without some solid numbers and parsing and a basis for e.g. Burst or sustain or based on a 3/5/10 min encounter with optimal fps/ping and equal skill for every class, this is based on opinion.
  9. Good simple guide but again like all shadow guides, 0 mention of dark mark (333>F).
  10. Thank you for replying, i know there are 1000s of players affected by this.
  11. Tab covers the focus drain completely on it's own, rotating them would be better if you want to get more rmb spray off in a fight
  12. The Market, F8 party chat and F8 recruitment is broken. LFP is fine it has been down since 2-3am gmt+0
  13. One thing was not mentioned in this Video, well kind of, is the animation canceling with rmb and f, you hold rmb and hit f on cd, it ani cancels the rmb. Normally it is 3 hits but ani canceling makes it 2, your 3>f (ani cancling the 3 into f) is vital to sustain dmg and use your c (firefall) off cd and after your tab opener it gives you free unloads for each hit. And as a last note get into the habbit of using V then tab to open, as later on thats how you procc the brace and using it off cd and off resets. Other than that this guide is a basic start.
  14. Ok, ok, i had to login and comment on this, after watching this Video i can see that he has a basic grasp on shadow, but i saw no mention on the dark mark (333>F) dmg increase on all rmb dmg the cd and it's duration and you should F then tab instantly for a max duration rmb not the other way around. Shadow is built for sustain so it's a slow starter but once you have your tab and c on a rotation dps is stable. Also i did not see a mention on the bracelet procc, this is done with v. I have an alt gunner and i play flame, this "guide" is just breeding bad players ;-;
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