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  1. I've been using http://picresize.com/ and https://bns-profile.surge.sh/ to make custom F2 profile images and its always worked for me but now the profile images i make are failing to upload despite being .jpg and 378x620. Does anyone know why this is or if there is any other method I can use to get my images to work?
  2. The recent update made big changes to Soul Fighters and I believe this update made them extreeeemely boring to play. The most satisfying part of playing as a Soul Fighter was practically removed from the class. I want to bring awareness to this issue and hope to bring a change to the class. One change I think is necessary is the skill Frost Storm. This skill is a Soul Fighter's primary, and maybe the only, dps. Currently, both the skill options for Frost Storm cause a chill/freeze effect on who it hits which is problematic for dungeons like Naryu Foundry where the chill/freeze eff
  3. I quit after the last update because I hate the new skill system. Also, only being able to cast Dragonpunch after using Focus Chi as a Soul Fighter? No thank you. Dragonpunch was the most satisfying part of building up Chi as a Soul Fighter. Without it, the class just isn't fun to look at anymore.
  4. I want to see how many people prefer the old skill system to the new one and vice versa. I for one prefer the old skill system since it gave the game a "Play however you want to play" sort of feel. (Also, Soul Fighters without Dragonpunch just makes the class unsatisfying to play >_<)
  5. One of the greatest parts of this game was the ability to choose what skill you wanted to use. It gave a "play however you want to play" vibe to the game but with this new update, players are forced to give up some skills in order to cater to this new skill system. This has really damaged some classes. Take Soul Fighters for instance. Soul Fighters lost many features that made them fun. The only way to use the skill Dragonpunch now is to use focus chi. This skill in particular was what made Soul Fighters so satisfying to play as. Building up chi to unleash a fury of blows was the best! Now all
  6. Soul Fighters are better now dps wise but they arent as fun as they used to be with the loss of dragonpunch. Getting 5 chi doesnt feel so satisfying anymore and kinda leaves the class feeling a bit more bland than it was before. It's just kinda sad.
  7. I'm making this mainly as a "grow up" sort of post. A lot of the higher level/ap players have this elitist attitude where they expect everyone to play the way they do. They don't consider that people might be new or still learning about the game. What I'm trying to get at is, be kind to each other. Its embarrassing and it hurts to be on the new player. Getting talk down on and being treated as an idiot ruins the sense of community this game gives. Yes people can be stupid sometimes but don't say it to their face. You wouldn't want someone to do that to you so don't do it to others. Be kind and
  8. As far as I know, Pinchy's always dropped 3 essences but then again, I've only been playing for about a month.
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