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  1. I don't know what unlocked it but I got it just now.
  2. I did, I have done all dailies on mushin's except for enchanted Yeoharan. ._.
  3. I have done it twice on astromancer - there's no new side quest. It was the way you said on all other characters before update tho.
  4. Is there a way to complete this quest on character created with lvl 60 voucher? I can't find it anywhere and it's kinda annoying to do floors 9-12 all the time. I wanted to farm some martial tokens but I'm not doing it from floor 9 everytime... I could if not 12th floor taking 5+ minutes to complete lol Is there a way to complete it or is entering mushin's floor 13 exclusive to characters created before update?
  5. It's not about limiting. It's good thing they limited but they should also lower oils required to balance that out. It's like telling hard working guy who works 2 shifts that he can work only 1 now but he'll have to pay same bills.
  6. It's a bit too much. I started fishing at Friday and I barely hit 90k today. It'll be true pain in the ass and you have to choose... 1 chest or all other events and raids. :)
  7. It's not listened in patch notes so I'll ask here. Are you going to fix liberty badge? It started consuming both buff sources after last patch. It's kinda annoying. I know that I shouldn't have 2 buffs stacked at once but it happens when ie. I have 3 stacks of flying nettles and I'm close to 30 stacks from rumblebees. Do you mind to fix it?
  8. Well done, nobody got in. :V
  9. Your Ring&Earring are probably why you are getting kicked from dungeons... Try to get Skybreak Spire Ring and Earring asap. Anyone would take your with them to dungeon, just stand next to entrance and look at region chat. Also, you are gunner. Your HM points aren't properly distributed - you should use 51 in offense, 25 in hm focus. Your gems are horrible and you don't have soul badge yet - try to get one from current tower of infinity. As a way to upgrade your AP - you have it pretty easy at this point. You should do Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage everyday and collect Feath
  10. Gunners/FMs have it easier way around anyway. Both summoner and warlock roll backwards by 12m if they try to get out of CC so only way to get out of CC is actually laying on ground and getting additional hits and stacks. 1 CC means like 8 stacks for them or range check and then being CCd again. xD Ma'os mostly about walking to your side tho. You can just keep walking and dps as range - there are only 2 attacks that you have to block/iframe... So she should be pretty easy anyway.
  11. Wait... So she have to give up on her class - summoner for more than one month and play other character to be able to get magnum badge? Because summoner is simply unplayable without Magnum soul badge. It's purely losing 80% of damage. It's kinda rubbish policy. And no... You can't buy whole 70 tokens from marketplace - there are only 7 tokens in total which would leave you missing 63 of them.
  12. Hello. My friendly summoner needs to get Triumph Tokens however she have like 10 Solar Energy. Is there any other to get them? It's like 30 days of waiting to get basic summoner's badge. First of all important - why was token exchange npc removed?
  13. Don't upgrade your Destiny Ring neither your Immortality Earring. You'll get full set for finishing Temple of Succession part 7. I can help you with bracelet since it's serious problem. I'll reserve cosmetics from dungeon for myself tho. Other thing is that you should be able to clear Circle of Sundering with awakening and 100k dps (70k is minimum).
  14. Hipek


    Can you repeat? You are saying that vast mojority of players can't do weeklies? What are you talking about? And well... They were 5g each at market at start of event. You could get them for 250g per triangular. Cheap, right? Compared to gold that "whales" paid in past. You get around 200g per day doing dailies... That is if you do them. Let's not call someone who have 200g (or even 750g) a whale. Pretty please. Getting into CS/HM was a bit hard at start but it was pretty easy afterwards when they released 1 free orb per day. Most people want feathers and want to improve even if they can't
  15. Hipek


    Previous event would give you 21 heptagonal gems on each character that you picked gems instead of vials - why do you still consider triangular gems something inaccessible? You just picked something else while it was easy to get them. They are cheap now... You could get more than 2 triangular gems on each character that you have on account. That being said, I'm not trying to defend them - achievement cap is shitty. >_>
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