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  1. KFM Titan stance

    I've just got on to try it today- currently its working so this big update, yesterday, has fixed it for me
  2. KFM Titan stance

    I made a recording of me trying it, including to lock and unlock the skills I can't seem to use; be within 3m. Though, it doesn't make sense that the approach skills like strong right have to be within 3m as that makes the description of them being able 'approach' pointless (1m 30s) 2 attempts
  3. KFM Titan stance

    Still unusable after maintanence
  4. KFM Titan stance

    yes, as shown in the pictures i did that, i used the wolf form since when it ends it gives me 100 titan ire stacks and then use those stacks to switch into titan stance as shown in the last few images on the imgur link, i was in the stance and didnt have the option to activate the abilities such as strong right when training against asura
  5. KFM Titan stance

    Currently , when I use titan stance I don't get the option to use my z x c v abilities. Their requirements are only to be in titan stance so I'm confused on if I'm doing something wrong. I checked around and haven't seen this issue been raised anywhere else yet. some screenshots of me trying it in training - i have also attempted to use the abilities in pvp
  6. Yehara's Mirage portal bug

    I know this will be an extremely rare bug but I like to pvp a lot so I am at level 46. I decide to do the yellow quest by hopping through the portal in jadestone to get to zaiwei and then go into the portal to yehara's mirage cause its quick. Then I got stuck in the portal for a bit until it moved me. *I now know that I have to walk there from crescent spring* Image evidence:
  7. HM skills - wrong requirements

    Self-defence chi move 2 for Soul Fighter no longer works
  8. Before the 'Eternal Night' update, I was able to use all hm rumble bees, now its locked behind another achievement that I have to complete which applies to the cat's abilities.
  9. here are some pics to show a bd using divine retribution in combat, im unsure on whether this is a abuse-able bug/glitch or not
  10. Summoner bot

    What should i do about this summoner bot? I have proof of it being a summoner bot as it moves in ice prison, also i have status effects that are timed to have proof that it is during the same match. (edited) should have proof of pictures
  11. Migrating Character

    but mine wasnt selling accounts, and isnt it their fault for buying the accounts in the first place? I just wanted to trade a character with my friend ;/
  12. Migrating Character

    Would you mind explaining why it's not possible? cause i got warning from posting a similar question about moving characters between accounts, looked through the CoC and could not find why its against the rules
  13. Bot sins

    ive never meet any gold bots, maybe cause im too high in medals? i kill bots no problem
  14. Bot sins

    this is apparently the link: its not too clear but the only pic i could get as it was when they went invis behind me as i used decoy it also shows that sneak attack wasnt used yet and its in combat mode cause we both have lost hp
  15. Bot sins

    i wont be able to find them again, i have pic proof but idk how to upload it they were silver lvl 46 every time, different character model