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  1. what should i do? after i begin downloading the wizard (pic at the bottom) ^ this shows up:(
  2. I recently reinstalled the game and when I press the launcher icon on my screen this comes up. can someone tell me how to fix this step by step with screenshots if you have any.
  3. I was wondering if like with the Gunslinger patch they would do the event where the Exp we gain is increase so we would do only the yellow quest to level faster to level 55? it would be convenient for new players and those who missed out on the explorer pack.
  4. Can't change 32 bit client!!!

    I have the same problem, i tried what @Khaen said but when i went to the notepad, it already had "selfUpdate=1" already in the program so i didn't need to change anything, its seems my problem is different?
  5. What is there to do?

    hmm ever since I hit lev 50 HM 9, I have nothing to do cause the story ended, and since I lagg a lot and have log loading screens, i don't go to dungeons to upgrade my weapons nor accessories cause its impossible, i'm just gonna stick to farming costumes in the lower lev dungeons, gotta wait until lev 55 to have something to do again in the game =v=
  6. seductress and temptress costume RNG!

    i didn't know bloodshade harbor dropped it too, ok I will try, thx :D
  7. Been at nightshade harbor trying to get the outfit ticket, these ladies aren't especially easy to kill and it won't drop from any of them T.T what is going on here?! its so hard to farm wen they take sooo long to re-spawn too :c
  8. 64 Bit Client Performance Problem

    so to be able to uncheck the 32 bit box we have to change our 3D settig in our control panel, but where should I press to view my 3D setting, I have a windows 8 (64 bit) OS with core i3 processor ad lots of space. In the task manger its says the launcher is (32) bit?
  9. act 4 bug!

    ahh you are right I just got them XD
  10. ok I will give it a try, thx for your replies XD
  11. uhhh windows 10 huh, I have heard that windows tend to not work well with many games, but i will see, what about windows 7 the recommended system? Is it good to switch back to the windows 7 64 bit?
  12. I am using a windows 8 64 bit, so its not that, is there anymore problems you could name that you think is wrong T.T Everytime I go into the launcher setting and try to uncheck the 32 bit box it won't uncheck. I can't play the game good cause of the long loading screens and lag T.T
  13. act 4 bug!

    oops forgot we had to finish act 4 first before we can get it right?
  14. act 4 bug!

    Can someone tell me where act 4 begins, I haven't seen the 65 bells they promised at all T.T
  15. I know we are now able to switch btw 32 bit and 64 bit, but when i go to the launcher setting and try to uncheck the 32 bit it won't uncheck and the sticky mark is just stuck inside the box, how can i fix this?