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  1. 1 hour ago, Kipcy said:

    A day ago i got the 7 day premium pass, the token is on my inventory but i can´t see a way to use it, could any body help me with this issue ill be very great full.

    Just leave it in your inventory it will and on February 17th during maintenance it will active on its own 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Shîro said:

    It has absolutely nothing to do with current event. Gamer are just getting toxic more and more every year, I saw this in WoW. People cried that there is no content and it's all easy. Blizz created new hard raid, nobody cleared it in 1 week and started crying that it's "too hard", blizz had to nerf it, they cleared it and in 2 weeks "there is no content .... " back in 2006-2008 people took weeks/months to clear raid, now they do it within week or riot. This is what I see in those posts here, whinning whinning whinning, and once company do something with it, they will just witch to another thing to whine about.

    10fps on MSP ? I have 5 years old PC and I could buy 2x better with 1200€ and yet I have 30 FPS in MSP, what a potato must he run, yet he dare to whine about it.

    he's basically getting upset that the story isn't letting him do 15m right out of the gate as if people didn't upgrade their gear at all and he's not the first to make such a foolish complaint I hear it all the time here. not only are they toxic but they're lazy af too as soon as they have to put in the slightest amount of work in to get some gear they immediately start their crying this game is too P2W, Dailies give about 200g you need with a party of 6 on average 2.5m dps to clear the easy mode comfortably (going to be nerfed next week) and they can use that gold to AFK fish to upgrade their gear all the old gear doesn't cost mats to upgrade so it can all be devoted to weapon upgrades. these people don't have even have to do a fraction of the work as the people who were even playing 1-2 years ago and yet still have something to complain about he's probably dying a lot too which is another side effect of the game rushing you through the content inexperienced players even with his entire party dealing 1.5m and him 3.5m that's still enough dps to get through it if they don't die they could even make it easier by attempting the mechs and lower it further.

    My CPU is pretty potato too only meeting min requirements and I hold about 30 fps with people turned off too so i don't know what the hell this man is using but he needs to upgrade it certainly isn't the games fault 

  3. this is exactly what happens when you let the story rush these people to end game content you give them what they want and they still complain that they're not as strong as people who put 5 years work into their character it's ridiculous. they really need to revive the old content and make people slog through the ENTIRE game so they can't ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about no content and they'll be pair with or players trying to earn their gear

  4. @Ioseppo TiLtEbUg it's really not that hard to gear up some what. and if you do play undergeared the best thing you can do is stall and help CC the enemy team dont bother engaging since you'll get demolished in 1 hit. if more people with no gear queue'd up gear wouldnt be an issue there's barely anyone doing 6's the more people the better regardless of gear people cheating is far more of an issue than people coming in ungeared if you're a destroyer you can stall fairly well. i've even seen assassins in level 45 gear from 4 years ago carry us to victory in beluga off of their utility alone they're that stupid. just do your best to play smart most people are going to unga bunga anyways so bring whatever utility you can to the table if you can knock someone down or launch them someone else on your team can kill them basically making that your kill to since you screwed your opponent over with a CC 


  5. 20 hours ago, Hime said:

    Thanks for your feedback. We are agree Hard should be... hard. We'll let you know what we end up going with.

    anyone saying make hard harder is ridiculous and clearly aren't the ones doing the hard dungeons, inflating HP is adding artificial difficult when the enemies shouldjust be hitting us harder, since a lot of us got defensive options nerfed  (I.E no sheath on FM anymore). 

    it's very clear that these hp values were supposed to be here along side the breaker system and other changes that are supposed to com in november. since the training dummy in F12 has the breaker mechanic on it.

    if you gotta make hard harder ad 2 more CC's and make the bosses do more damage dont make us suffer the same monotonous thing even longer with inflated HP we can't even buy the gear anymore with clears so the hp will be too high to even clear with lesser gear. and party utility like Blue buff Alpha Call and Sheath on FM removed from party benefits this already lowers the parties DPS. 

    Another side note 9 dungeons is also absolutely pitiful for an mmo there's so much dead content that should be revived and enter over geared players in with scaled down stats like the blackram chain supply event. all the new players are going to be bored really quickly when they get bottle necked on 3 dungeons and no way to advance further other than slogging through day by day dailies. the old content needs to be revived as alternate ways to obtain scales evolved stones and what not. or the game is just going to lose all the new players  9 dungeons not enough .

  6. 11 hours ago, sojaa said:

    All it takes is a familiar, thrall or any person too feed their red spin active. 1v1 I have ZERO issues  with them.  kd and air combo is super easy to get off if there not  standing in a group. Wall bang and air is easy to get off on them too. 6v6 is where it needs to be modified for. You always have ppl trying to spam and feed their spin. Maybe approach with topic using logic. This was directed at 3 classes not 1. These are the 3 classes most turned to for 6s.

    Not exactly hard beating your average destroyer in 1 v 1 there buddy you can jump  around and half their CC's that aren't pulls will miss you they don't have an air combo and have a measly 6 second moment to burst you to death. if you lose  1v1 to a dest you were 100% out played.

    as far as 6v6 goes it sounds like you know what to do, so why the hell aren't you communicating with your team you got time before the match to say "hey guys if the destroyer is spinning don't hit him."  your logic is "nerf destroyer because my team is bad" thats completely asinine and thats why im focusing on destroyer. there are 5-6 other classes who do WAY too much or are just out right untouchable. 

    FM- 20% piercing on orbs has can dash up to 50m away virtually untouchable because of their MASSIVE damage and defensive capabilities
    SIN- Taxi and stealth cheese beluga , plenty of CC's to instantly kill you or set you up to be murdered by the rest of the team hard to target because of stealth and flash 
    BM - Air combo's  and you're dead , nearly untouchable 
    BD - the same as above but can grab you anytime they feel like it 
    WARDEN - nearly invincible with basically 2 life bars nearly impossible to CC's also has massive pierce boost for 6 seconds to basically ohko you if you're not paying attention. and soul burns the party with more HP 
    KFM - +legacy peridot resist cc for 3 seconds when upon evasion and they  can't be CC'd  Q/E agiity boost evade everything some more and then prepare to get killed by Tab + V+4 instantly and they counter everything
    SF- basically can't be touched either 
    SUM - instant summon massive dpsing cat that basically can't die and can stealth and flash bomb
    Archer- zippy dip endlessly launch and pop tab ohko lol stealth

    which one of these are you ?

    here's another thing. Shadow destroyers have a pvp debuff called scar, this lowers your pvp defense by 1000 upto 10 times but each destroyer can only apply 5, these scars come form them hitting you with red spin or you hitting them while they have their shield up. this defense loss combined with them stunning you with 5 hits and their team firing at your team is why you guys are getting your asses handed do you imagine a FM with their 20% pierce powered up by BB or SB hitting your team all inflicted with -5000 defense because you all decided to get hit by the destroyer or all decided to attack their shield you're going to die. 

    90% of the time the destroyer is stuck defending the post so how about just avoiding them or tell your team to leave them alone

    Deal with redspin dest - 
    •spread out, root if you can (WL SUM SF), ranged focus them especially FM's
    •dont hit their shield

    work with your team ffs

  7. 10 hours ago, sojaa said:

    All PvP is almost dead. No more faction wars. No more 3v3. Small amounts of 1v1. Shackled isles gone. 6v6 is play 3 classes to get the advantage. Just duo up 2 destroyers ,sins or fms (all 3 need reworks on their immunities skills). Air needs to be tab able.  Oh and PvE maybe that should get reduced to 4 dungeons so you can see how your PvP players feel with no content. Maybe PvP for certain PvE gear. Get 200 PvP cores to get top tier pve gear so you can come PvP 1000 times.

    and did you consider you know, not feeding destroyers focus when they;re red spinning? and you know slowing them down or backing off and let them rope a dope. KD is the most effective against them. there's plenty of annoying classes in 6v6 and destroyer is far from the most annoying lol. stop unga bungaing buddy 


  8. well then im sorry to say it it sound like you're just playing very poorly at at the very least not playing smart have you tried ground ripple from behind ? the shield isn't up 24/7 if you hitting into it other you team hitting into is healing them up if they're on the eon badge they're gonna have another shield if they emberstomp and if their weapon is almost about to reset you're gonna see 4 shields back to back so your one shield breaker isn't going to do a whole lot, so you need to accept the fact that destroyers are tanky and you're going to have to wait your turn to CC them and get your damage this is a 6 v 6 scenario. why are you fighting a destroyer 1 on 1 thats just stupid. if run into a warden by myself im not wasting my time fighting him unless im defending my location 

  9. @ImoutoMaster are you really a SF with  900k HP buffed up and looks like he has ghost haunting him when his iframes start going off ? your bigger problem here sounds like your gear is complete and utter garbage. the destroyers  pvp bracelet is also adding an addiitonal 32% damage reduction and you have Whirlwind  to stop destroyers from chasing you down with red spin. . . .explain to me how a destroyers ability to spin with a giant axe something it shouldn't have as it's the most basic move you can give a character with this weapon that's absolutely absurd. . . everyone's bracelets give them stupid abilities and other classes are much MUCH dumber than the destroyers. . . .as for our shields you do realize that it's  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ frontal block so you can literally go behind us and attack us. . . if you can't take someone out because they're too much for you to handle GO SOMEWHERE ELSE there's 5 others  to deal or call your team for help. why the hell should a destroyer have their moves nerfed because YOU can't beat them. you problem is with your gear and your inability to work with your team since you're not able to kill people you'd be better off defending since no one can touch you and you heal up all the time  but i suppose we should take all that away from your class because we dont want to wait your skills out and gorilla mash on you right ? 

    FYI the massive bulk of your damage is going to come from debuff damage when you CC someone not blatant head on attacks, try actually launching someone in the air and comboing them. and for the love of god WORK WITH YOUR TEAM

    also bad party comps in queue are a thing DEAL WITH IT you think i like having to fight a bunch of FM's too or have FM's in my party sheathing and screwing up my red spin and wasting my sheath ? no i dont 


  10. You sit there and Cry about Destroyer Red Spin when you don't even know how it works , i spin for days because you people mindlessly fire into my attack feeding  me  Focus to continue and keep letting me hit you. our red spin goes on CD the moment we start casting it's already a 30 CD skill and cant be reset the longer you let us spin the faster we can use it again once we stop 
    1.) stop going unga bunga and use your brain we can mix in Parry spin in between red spins and that gets you guys parried 

    2.) get away from us it costs 20 focus to use it  so get VERY FAR away 

    3.) we have 40% damage reduction + 32% using the bracelet and all our other gear if you can't one shot us with an ultimate stay away from them and stop feeding them focus it's literally your fault they can keep spinning ffs

    4.)Use an Aoe that suctions us and prevents us from moving 

    5.) Play the objective it's not a deathmatch if you can't beat them go somewhere else

    grind Yaharan  and actually get some gear go in with a partner play abut you all can gang up on them and wipe out that defense and force them into shield 

    there's a much bigger problem with ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ using XML edits and you guys want to complain about destroyers red spin sorry you all need to get it together other classes are a much bigger problem than a destroyer who is at best a stage hazzard if you're ignoring them

    PS. you're also feeding them a CRAP TON of HM focus too for our ultimate


  11. As far as archers go there's no reason at all that any class being able to kill you instantly just by launching you 1 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ time especially when their game already runs like absolute crap and upon move the servers to the east coast screwing over west coast players. half the time i fight archers because their dumbass game decides to load you in the arena after the count down im already dead by the time the game loads in as well 

    Archers have far too many dashes destroyer 3rd spec gets their Dash nerfed to ad 3 more seconds meanwhile archers are reducing the CD of theirs to teleport everywhere... seems fair 

    why can they stealth?
    why can they parry ?
    why can they bubble? 
    all this combined with people using xml edits makes it impossible to fight them when they're invisible and teleporting around the screen and then ending it all with 1 ohko that hits you for over 68k 

    Assassins, have been a major pain in the ass for years with the most ridiculous amounts of CC's and escapes these people in korea need to understand that invisible and invincible are NOT the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ word

    Blade dancers, this class has always been a huge load of crap and their ncsofts golden boy this little pos takes most of the destroyers skills and does it thousands times better without the worry of losing all focus all the while being virtually ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ untouchable the majority of the match with all their iframes. you get grabbed and you're basically finished. 

    Force masters, aside from their 3rd spec just demolishing everything in pvp. why the HELL does their ice stance cause stagger they deliberately nerfed the destroyers red spin because it caused an infinite wall bounce while the FMs can just walk you into the corner with ice balls and wall bounce you until you die and if walking you into the corner is too hard screw it they can just grab you with no conditions and toss you in the corner and it's GG's 

    Omni Directional Blocking for BM's and WL's was the most absolutely dumbest thing they could have though of 


    on the destroyers end they have trouble keeping focus and all you need to do is jump to dodge their Ram CC's desyncing screws over this class so damn badly can't count how many times I've launching someone on Dest and Kfm only to have their body floating 15m off  at a 35 degree away from me making it impossible to follow up with a piledriver. which is also the worst air combo move in the game with severely underwhelming damage and only gets you killed in 6v6. this class has always been getting the raw end of the deal since the game came out their hate ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for destroyer is ridiculous. 


    they're generally in a good place  fix the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ tool tips there's no reason why counter is blocking attacks that pierce parry

    Gunners  can be annoying their hooks should be reduced and they shouldn't be invincible while playing Spiderman camping on their little perch. you should be allowed to use your aerials the proc DOES come up but nothing happens. it's like these morons did no testing whatsoever 

    as much as i try to enjoy the pvp because it has so much potential. i have never in my life seen pvp so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ unbalanced in my life and as 3rd specs come out it gets even worse because it's obvious that they have no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ idea what they're doing 

    and Xml edits are making it even more miserable 

  12. BEST part about the game, crashing during revival and being locked out of 6v6, even if people wanted to enjoy 6v6 you guys some how make it impossible to even do that. an amazing feat congratulations. same thing happens in ebon realm, love crashing when someone kills me afk so i can't check the log and get retribution on the guy, great game

  13.  Grimoir they should make the dungeon harder to make it "hard to get" giving it a low drop rate even with a low drop rate being able to do this once a week for a low chance of getting is horse shit. a few charms sure sounds great if you're  what ? hm 1-9 once you get to 14-19 those charms aren't even gonna leave a dent in the hundreds of millions exp you need once you think you would push for more mats like moonstones to upgrade rather than settling for the bare minimum

    as for you enemy silence you really have the audacity to bring up my posts? or did you come here to argue so you could finally make that BIG 100 post you've dreamed of. 
    sounds like you're pretty envious of someone clearing it where you can't your solutions are simple quit your complaining and find a clan that CAN clear it carrying your ass or learn the damn mechanics and play like a competent human being my posts vs. your should indicate that my time is better spent in game advancing. Ncsoft has already made it pretty damn easy for people like you to gear up spoon feeding you your gear and making dungeons brain dead easy, but im sure you just one of those screw mechanics "muh dps" kinda people. quit projecting your failures upon others and ask for help if you're honestly looking to clear VT or you can just sit here and cry and complain about people who can clear it crying and complaining

  14. Why the hell are the badges all not in Temple of Elluvium and all the necklaces in Scions it's 2 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ months since I've seen the Heart of Thrall and all damn boss will drop are realm breaker necklace it's bad enough there's only 1 run a week and no resets whenever the resets are released they'll be expensive but having reduced fewer drops in here. Either this once a week lock out needs to be changed to 3 or the badges should be more common or a unified item all classes can exchange for a badge at the rate this is going it will take a year for a party of 12 to get everything they need from this raid and if you guys think people are going to stick around that long when the gear they need is that scarce you're sorely mistaken.

    i've gone from playing this game everyday to only logging in 1 time for an ATTEMPT to progress in the game 

    P.S these crappy  exp charm for the login event are a horrible incentive and you need to act faster on decidingp on better rewards for your premium members

  15. Galeforce alone hits like a truck. Awakened Gale Force also has a 3 second CD and you can use it twice i would expect the rotation to be  
    LMB > F > F  (repeat) 

    combined with
    Pulse Mystic badge :  350% additional ap bonus and reset on eradicate/repulse
    Raven Axe stage 9: 250% shadow ap bonus
    Full BT bopae : 70% dmg increase 
    Ember Stomp move 1 : 20% dmg increase
    (New) Dragon Bracelet: 1200% additional ap bonus (available for 4 second buff after wrath is used) 

    with all these bonuses awakened galeforce should be devastating 

    furthermore currently using the Tiger Bracelet i consistently stay in top 3 on BT even coming out as top DPS or end up haivng to tank in DKV .With shadow build the key is maintaining willpower once you lose your willpower your dps will tank.


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