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  1. Just leave it in your inventory it will and on February 17th during maintenance it will active on its own
  2. he's basically getting upset that the story isn't letting him do 15m right out of the gate as if people didn't upgrade their gear at all and he's not the first to make such a foolish complaint I hear it all the time here. not only are they toxic but they're lazy af too as soon as they have to put in the slightest amount of work in to get some gear they immediately start their crying this game is too P2W, Dailies give about 200g you need with a party of 6 on average 2.5m dps to clear the easy mode comfortably (going to be nerfed next week) and they can use that gold to AFK fish to upgrade their
  3. it should all come together once you have the appropriate gear like badges they make a huge difference in play style
  4. it's a reasonable request ff14 allows a toggle for auto skip if you've cleared the instance, nothing wrong with asking for small QoL changes like this
  5. this is exactly what happens when you let the story rush these people to end game content you give them what they want and they still complain that they're not as strong as people who put 5 years work into their character it's ridiculous. they really need to revive the old content and make people slog through the ENTIRE game so they can't ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about no content and they'll be pair with or players trying to earn their gear
  6. @Ioseppo TiLtEbUg it's really not that hard to gear up some what. and if you do play undergeared the best thing you can do is stall and help CC the enemy team dont bother engaging since you'll get demolished in 1 hit. if more people with no gear queue'd up gear wouldnt be an issue there's barely anyone doing 6's the more people the better regardless of gear people cheating is far more of an issue than people coming in ungeared if you're a destroyer you can stall fairly well. i've even seen assassins in level 45 gear from 4 years ago carry us to victory in beluga off of their utility alone they
  7. anyone saying make hard harder is ridiculous and clearly aren't the ones doing the hard dungeons, inflating HP is adding artificial difficult when the enemies shouldjust be hitting us harder, since a lot of us got defensive options nerfed (I.E no sheath on FM anymore). it's very clear that these hp values were supposed to be here along side the breaker system and other changes that are supposed to com in november. since the training dummy in F12 has the breaker mechanic on it. if you gotta make hard harder ad 2 more CC's and make the bosses do more damage dont make us suffer the same m
  8. Not exactly hard beating your average destroyer in 1 v 1 there buddy you can jump around and half their CC's that aren't pulls will miss you they don't have an air combo and have a measly 6 second moment to burst you to death. if you lose 1v1 to a dest you were 100% out played. as far as 6v6 goes it sounds like you know what to do, so why the hell aren't you communicating with your team you got time before the match to say "hey guys if the destroyer is spinning don't hit him." your logic is "nerf destroyer because my team is bad" thats completely asinine and thats why im focusing on dest
  9. and did you consider you know, not feeding destroyers focus when they;re red spinning? and you know slowing them down or backing off and let them rope a dope. KD is the most effective against them. there's plenty of annoying classes in 6v6 and destroyer is far from the most annoying lol. stop unga bungaing buddy
  10. well then im sorry to say it it sound like you're just playing very poorly at at the very least not playing smart have you tried ground ripple from behind ? the shield isn't up 24/7 if you hitting into it other you team hitting into is healing them up if they're on the eon badge they're gonna have another shield if they emberstomp and if their weapon is almost about to reset you're gonna see 4 shields back to back so your one shield breaker isn't going to do a whole lot, so you need to accept the fact that destroyers are tanky and you're going to have to wait your turn to CC them and get your
  11. @ImoutoMaster are you really a SF with 900k HP buffed up and looks like he has ghost haunting him when his iframes start going off ? your bigger problem here sounds like your gear is complete and utter garbage. the destroyers pvp bracelet is also adding an addiitonal 32% damage reduction and you have Whirlwind to stop destroyers from chasing you down with red spin. . . .explain to me how a destroyers ability to spin with a giant axe something it shouldn't have as it's the most basic move you can give a character with this weapon that's absolutely absurd. . . everyone's bracelets give them s
  12. You sit there and Cry about Destroyer Red Spin when you don't even know how it works , i spin for days because you people mindlessly fire into my attack feeding me Focus to continue and keep letting me hit you. our red spin goes on CD the moment we start casting it's already a 30 CD skill and cant be reset the longer you let us spin the faster we can use it again once we stop 1.) stop going unga bunga and use your brain we can mix in Parry spin in between red spins and that gets you guys parried 2.) get away from us it costs 20 focus to use it so get VERY FAR away 3.) we hav
  13. As far as archers go there's no reason at all that any class being able to kill you instantly just by launching you 1 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ time especially when their game already runs like absolute crap and upon move the servers to the east coast screwing over west coast players. half the time i fight archers because their dumbass game decides to load you in the arena after the count down im already dead by the time the game loads in as well Archers have far too many dashes destroyer 3rd spec gets their Dash nerfed to ad 3 more seconds meanwhile archers are reducing the CD of theirs to teleport everywh
  14. they didn't list a single dest. one in the patch notes...
  15. i expect everything to be ignored but i had some down time between the soft-ban in 6v6 to state my grievances
  16. BEST part about the game, crashing during revival and being locked out of 6v6, even if people wanted to enjoy 6v6 you guys some how make it impossible to even do that. an amazing feat congratulations. same thing happens in ebon realm, love crashing when someone kills me afk so i can't check the log and get retribution on the guy, great game
  17. So no one is going to mention the fact that Awakened Twin steel Strike doesn't proc Reaver as well has absolutely TRASH damage. or is everyone just at the point where they've given up ?
  18. Grimoir they should make the dungeon harder to make it "hard to get" giving it a low drop rate even with a low drop rate being able to do this once a week for a low chance of getting is horse shit. a few charms sure sounds great if you're what ? hm 1-9 once you get to 14-19 those charms aren't even gonna leave a dent in the hundreds of millions exp you need once you think you would push for more mats like moonstones to upgrade rather than settling for the bare minimum as for you enemy silence you really have the audacity to bring up my posts? or did you come here to argue so you could fina
  19. Why the hell are the badges all not in Temple of Elluvium and all the necklaces in Scions it's 2 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ months since I've seen the Heart of Thrall and all damn boss will drop are realm breaker necklace it's bad enough there's only 1 run a week and no resets whenever the resets are released they'll be expensive but having reduced fewer drops in here. Either this once a week lock out needs to be changed to 3 or the badges should be more common or a unified item all classes can exchange for a badge at the rate this is going it will take a year for a party of 12 to get everything they need from t
  20. Galeforce alone hits like a truck. Awakened Gale Force also has a 3 second CD and you can use it twice i would expect the rotation to be LMB > F > F (repeat) combined with Pulse Mystic badge : 350% additional ap bonus and reset on eradicate/repulse Raven Axe stage 9: 250% shadow ap bonus Full BT bopae : 70% dmg increase Ember Stomp move 1 : 20% dmg increase (New) Dragon Bracelet: 1200% additional ap bonus (available for 4 second buff after wrath is used) with all these bonuses awakened galeforce should be devastating furthermore currently using the Tiger Bra
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