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  1. yeah but why dont they fix this. its there since months
  2. Other Thread got closed before I could add an other missing Item thast's STILL on the list. Where my Pentagonal Pet Gems at?
  3. It's about time tbh.. I mean, we still didn't get skill patch notes from the patch 2 weeks ago. It still says "Full details will be available later" Sad thing is, I am sure nothing will change. Game was doomed when Jonathan left.
  4. So sad.. the only measure against this botting were a few dead players trying to break the bots by lying in the way so the bots couldnt press f to get into dungeon..
  5. can we get an update? if you scammed us, you can tell us now. :v
  6. I opened 36 elders tables and didn't get a single ticket for the wheel... i dont get this event... if at least i would get wings, but all i get is element, jewel, or scale fragments
  7. Das hier ist schon eine vereinfachte Version. In Korea hatten die keinen Buff in der Ini. Außerdem ist die Event-Ini so gedacht, dass sie was anspruchsvoller ist. Es gibt auch keine Öle, etc für die Eventwährung. Deshalb muss man schonmal nicht mit jeden Char laufen. Und überhaupt: Wenn ihr die Ini nicht mögt, dann lauft doch einfach nicht. Ich find es gut, dass mal wieder eine Ini da ist, in der man auch wirklich Mechaniken machen MUSS. Solltet ihr Probleme haben, esst einfach nen Mild Dumpling und nen Bruiser Charm..
  8. I also tried to farm for the dreadtide lynblade once. after some hours I stopped because I didn't get any weapons... Later someone told me that there are no dreadtide weapons anymore which is very sad because its the best lynnblade in game q.q
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