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  1. While you Are at it fix 6v6 crashing too.
  2. Thanks for reducing the penalty. Now Fix the crash issue itself please. Crash counter: 11 in total. -630Points in total. http://imgur.com/a/o8zHH
  3. I began crashing a month or two ago. It would be fun to assume that aproximately 30% of the playerbase suddenly has something wrong on "Their end" at the same time. It's not a computer issue alone. It's the game itself too.
  4. Hey, back to bump this thread after not touching BG for a bit over a week, since i'm gonna crash either way, went to do WWV for fun, since I'm at the rock bottom, whooping 1300 rating due to crashes previous season. Guess what, I crashed after 2 wins, resulting in 1343 --> 1300. Fix this shit please. Thank you. Crash counter: 10 In total, -600 points in total.
  5. 9th [CRASH] - 540total points. Just spent 2½ hours farming back the lost 60points, now i lost them again. Fix this shite please. http://imgur.com/a/suppQ
  6. 8th [CRASH] -480 total points.
  7. Bump, 7th [CRASH] -420Total points.
  8. Bump, 6th [CRASH] -360Total points.
  9. Bump. -300 Points total, another <[CRASH]> today. Earnt 46 points, lost 60 through a DC: Fix this please.
  10. http://imgur.com/a/KxEVE 4th total [CRASH]; -240 Points. Fix this Rigged system please. Had 0 crashes prior to this penalty implementation
  11. [CRASHED] in two seperate matches this season in WWV. resulting a whooping loss of 120Points. Absolutely disgusting. Gaining 7 points per win, it's an absolute pain in the ass to fix the "hole" caused by the DC point loss. There should be an option to rejoin the match.
  12. AP brackets wont work out as above said, simply swap weapons, unequip accessories, get in BG, get mached with noobs, equip all the gear, proceed to farm noobs.
  13. Main advice for any Des is "juuuust" to have 100 more AP than people set for X dungs/instances.
  14. BM's tend to be able to make des burn tab, through HM pull. Once that's down, i'd recommend speccing Persistence whenever there is a BM in 6v6. It's a "second chance" which can help. Survival>Damage
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