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  1. My account was hacked but NC support solved it for in less than 24hrs. We are not stupid to fall for that. Some of us are new to MMO gaming for me bns is my first MMO game. My cousin introduce me to the game and i love it. So far this is the best MMO game ever. Great work NC
  2. Guys BnS is the first MMO game i have ever played. I never knew about this crap
  3. Too bad for them i had a pin so they could not use my character. That 2 step verification is the problem they gave me I can't log into my game without the digits for now I have change my password all that is left with is the 2 step verification
  4. Ok. These hackers sent me a message to redeem gold with a fake ncsoft site. They really got my ass
  5. Guys these hackers got me and they place a 2 step verification on my account how do i remove it
  6. I have done that but they are delaying I want to get back to the game ASAP
  7. My account has been hacked and the hacker place a 2 step verification on it. I try to remove it but ask me of the code. Any idea on how to remove it
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