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  1. In that case I demand they release the old badass female versions of these Naryu outfits. I loved how they look while I don't exactly care about these new House of Pleasures' female versions. I did not pay 450g back in the day for a tight-fitting bathsuit. I paid 400g for a badass armor similar to old hinduist gods. If they fix it, they should also offer some kind of solution for players who paid for what they saw, not for what it would look like one day, a year later.
  2. i seriously hope they will return the old version of White Moon and Black Sun. After all, the "new" versions were already given as separate outfits either through Trove event or through achievement vendor (Gale Wind, Lunar Eclipse and so on) so now I have mutiple outfits with the exact same look in my inventory. I love and oftem wear the original Black Sun and if this change is intentional, I think I am going to rage quite a bit, demanding renumeration of some kind for the duplicit outfits as well as the psychological trauma. >,.,>
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