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  1. HighEnd Pc but BT is unplayble

    Not really, i'm more of an Intel fanboy than amd i'm just saying the truth, do some research on ryzen 1800x,GTX 1070 combo performance on youtube/Google and you will see what i mean. and yeah, the i7 7700k do better than ryzen processors in terms of gaming, but 1800x should be way more than enough for BnS since it's a 5 year old game it's was never about your pc specs, it's about how this game is badly optimized.
  2. HighEnd Pc but BT is unplayble

    LMAOO if Thats not a high-end PC then what is it? a 4 titan xp with two i7 6950x and 256 RAM? he should be able to run most of the modren Games on 4k res with that build, it IS a high-end PC. This game is hopeless it will lag even if u had the most Overkill PC
  3. Should I try desolate tomb?

    You Realize that this Dungeon requires 550 ap for 6 man?
  4. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    @RainbowDashie so Basically you calling the people who have ping issues are Liars? and looks like white knights here only get Triggered when they see "plz fix" in a thread and start white knighting without bothering to read the whole thread first... I said it before and I'll say it again : I don't have any lag / ping issues with any game I play right now but this Game. And LOL, U think that only 5-10% of the game population have those issues??? I dare you to go to your faction chat and say "Anyone have lag / ping issues?" and you will see that if only 5 - 10% Or 85% - 90% of the population have those issues. The High ping has been a Problem since I start playing (about 6-7 months ago), I didn't stop playing because I thought they will fix it Eventually (Like any other Company) but I was Wrong. so if you keep Blindly White knighting without Facing the Truth that BnS Servers are utter crap, I don't Wanna Argue with you anymore.
  5. Well, i leave again this game :D

    well indeed 100g for a gem is too much but thats another problem, I even missed a gem when it appeared and i didn't have enough gold to buy it and it was 2 hours before daily reset, It was a stupid idea from me to restock in that time...But Anyways I was just saying that what NODY said is Totally wrong.
  6. Well, i leave again this game :D

    They will most likely add an Easier way to Obtain Heptagonal gem just like the Legendary wep. and about what you said, I'm 100% F2P player and if u are Confused how I spend 100+ keys Easily Here's what i did back in Fall trove: - I do all Silverfrost Purple Dungeons and Daily challenge and I get 30-35g From daily quest without counting if Rare item dropped and a bid war starts. -I spam the Hell out of 4man Yeti / fang and i easily get 70g+ only from them if I invest enough time for them per day. -if you still have time, Do mushin tower F1-15 and 24man Dungeons for Evolved stones and other expensive stuff. Now thats at least 100g+ per day without Counting mushin Tower and 24man dungeons, And as I Remember, Trove key worths 49 hm coin each in F10. Now Exchange the 100g you earned with hm coin, The Exchange rate was 1:9.5 - 1:10.5 when Trove was Active but let's count it as 1:10. I don't know how much the fees that Apply when you Exchange gold for hm coins but let's say you Earned 850 hm coin from Exchanging 100g, Thats about 17 trove key per day, Now do this for a Week 17 * 7 = 119 keys. Now let's say that you Don't have time to do all this s**t everyday for a week so by playing 1-3 hours per day you should be able to get around 40 - 50 keys per week. OH Did i Forgot to mention that the Trove lasts for 3 weeks means that you should be able to make 120 -150 keys thru all the 3 weeks If you invested all your gold for keys, And As I know, 120 - 150 > 100. And thats for a casual player now Imagine if you are a Hardcore player. And OF COURSE someone who play for 1-3 hours per day won't get rewarded as much as the the one who spend 5+ hours Grinding. So my point is : If you think that spending 100+ trove keys can only be done as a p2w player then either you are a low level who can't do the dungeons I mentioned ( IF you are, Well in this laggy game events are only for high level players) or you only do Blackram narrows and Tomb of exiles for income.
  7. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    Ginki is Right, Please stop with ISP potato s**t, I never complained about ping in any game in my life till I played this one. I'm playing at least 5 other games than BnS and i never had ping issues with them, Yet, I can survive with 250-350 ping in this game but also having VERY bad FPS drops and Freezes is way too much! Already tried that but didn't change anything, Thanks for the tip btw And thats why i didn't Quit yet, Because I love this game :D, I'm just waiting for the day were all these issues will be solved (I doubt this day will come...)
  8. Well, i leave again this game :D

    yooo yooo calm down m8 do you think that spending 150+ trove keys can only be done by Whales? I'm a F2P player and i spent 100+ in the first Trove week and i could spend more but i just stopped because i Gave up on it :v And reaching 800+ ap CAN BE DOABLE BY F2P PLAYER it just needs months of hardcore Grinding. and tbh MMO's in general requires more than a year to reach the highest / Very high level and lots of hours playing, And in this game ap consider as level so it's fair enough to take months / year to reach 800+ ap as a F2P player depending on how much you play per day. And about the p2w: the game hasn't been p2w till they added Legendary soul, I'm getting reket easily by anyone who has that soul in 6v6. now i think they should change "Battleground" to "Battlewhale" He probably meant by buying hexagonal gem and Upgrading them to Heptagonal
  9. Ap

    Well EC and DT are Exceptional I was talking about lower dungeons like Sogun / Nexus Were people Only check your ap without giving a damn about the Rest of the other stats and yea, Sometimes it takes me 30+ minutes to find a party to finish a dungeon that can be completed within 5 minutes
  10. Warlock right rotation?

    I have a 48 lvl alt aswell so I'm not experienced with warlock but here's how I do my rotation and I think it's kinda OK: 2 > 3 > 4 > v > F (Rupture) > F (leech) > 4 > v > F (Rupture) > Soulburn > 4 > v > Spam RMB > 3 (to recover chi) > 4 or v > Spam RMB and when all the skills on cd i just do : RMB > LMB > (WAIT TILL RMB IS CHARGED/BLUE) RMB > RMB > F (Rupture) > LMB > RMB....etc 4 = Dragoncall tier 3 stage 1 v = Wingstorm tier 2 stage 1 F (Rupture) = Rupture -of course :0- tier 3 stage 2 RMB = Dimensional Volly tier 3 stage 4 Of Course the rotation can be different Depending on the situation like for example if another WL in the party done soulburn before u did it.
  11. Ap

    If u want my advice : Focus mainly on AP and forget about the other stats because it's the only way to keep up, i know that AP is not everything and it's useless without a Decent crit,crit damage...etc but this is the harsh truth about this game. just try to increase your AP as much as possible so mindless people can accept you in dungeons.
  12. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    I hope this 64 client will come to NA/EU asap because the game right now is totally unplayable, or at least for me..
  13. will a clan know if you left?

    It will only show on the clan chat that u left, So if you're the only one online in your clan they wouldn't know.
  14. Lag spikes after maintenance

    I'm having FPS drops and Screen freezes aswell, In almost every dungeon I went after the Maintenance when the boss fight starts my Screen Freezes until the boss is Dead / Half dead and I find myself dead, and ppl starts calling me a bot/Leecher..etc, Hell, I even died at BSC, Can you Imagine how it feels when a level.45 Player calls you "Noob" ~_~" and now I'm sitting here Raging in the forums...
  15. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    Well they should do something about it or the population will decrease more and more till it Dies. I wasn't having that FPS drops until Naryu Foundry Update, Even when I started playing the game I rarely had any FPS drops back then, so I will assume that those issues Become more Visible after every new Update, God I don't want to imagine playing BnS After a couple of months when they add even more stuff. Also, Let's not forget that this is a Game from 2008, you shouldn't need that powerful PC to run it smoothly.