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  1. got rekt by every other class at hm11 who were using breeze weapon. hello bns community i am a sm with over 10 months of gameplay and gold(plat could have been..ty bm players) there was this ...this gold destroyer that was cueing in and i lost all my chances to go plat .we get to chatting and all i could say was "please don't cue please" wait all this is *cricket* i have great gears and all i would do is threat them i will kill you in owpvp x'D but anyways i really love bns matchmaking especially in 6v6 x'D and i also love how people try to endlessly pvp at below hm6 x'D
  2. please we summoners need to unite and make a thread to " make sm great again, sm needs buff," etc thread...like seriously because look every now and then a noob who is bronze/silver starts makin thread about how a sm rekt him even when he wasnt 50 and joined arena and then nc listens and nerfs us( though i still need to figure what nerf i had over the past months) but yeah seriously like why can't you just play a sm if u are getting rekt by 1 and think they are so great..ow w8 then u will get hit by reality that at hm 10 by every other class stomping u and realize that the top sm in ranks wer
  3. omg this made me laugh so hard x'D my sub kfm was plat and it got ol to collect daily logins and has breeze and did 35 floor ToI now try doing that with 400ms and 19fps x'D oh wait you already main 1 .ahahaahah i am not really one of those people who says 'git gud' but have you ever seen fm/wl play against a summoner ?x'D like really alll they can think of is goddamit y y y...then comes a kfm/bm with a half hp drop in 1 stun x'D
  4. well i can't quit bns...ow maybe i can x'D..time to quit bns ;-;
  5. because of people like thread creator ,my boss's lil cute sister whom am trying to hook up with won't play this game...like really bruh there is 4 things i wanna point out 1. a f2p in no game will ever get the best gears in the same time as a p2p or p2w. i am a p2p and all i get are weeds from troves e.e; and i have to farm the same and sometimes evenmore then any of you to get stuff because the server i am in is filled with people who can't understand english/mechs. 2. just go play mario.if you are done with bns dont bs about bns .not all people's taste is same. 3. oh boy, my
  6. blade and soul kills characters like chicken and revive them like rabbits e.e; look at namsoyun everybody wants her dead but i know she wil come ack e.e;
  7. i would say warlock x'D got heals for self good dps/burst are lynn race(fluffy cute) people love em because of sb don't req a ton of hm skills to pvp good and sustainable solo dungeon growth in high ping issue player cases. bm/bd;fm is next ... is ok but meh req hm skills i would have said destro but meh that pve dps and summoner because i have main ed one and i know how good summoner is as an "economical class" when it comes to high lvl ow/arena pvp ._. assasin is /puke ...you won't even be able to solo the previous yeti without 600+ as an ass
  8. i think they should add the kick button to 6m parties as well. its annoying...i mean am not racist or anything...but please..is it too much to expect people playing in NA server to respond in english ?;-; i have really really been victimized multiple times more then this guy getting 1 kick from some noob in msp by some 13 year old. http://prntscr.com/df79rj just look at this ^ 1 kick in d cricket would have solved everything here ;-; i mean why for god sake why wont they allow us to kick bots/trolls/12 year olds out of pt and save time ;-;
  9. RuneKey

    too fast!

    bruh i have done turtle wid 16 players s6 wid highest dps was the tanker bd wid 686 ap wid 3fps-1fps avg on my cricket comp . my point isnt trying to make you take a sabbath of helping players. my point is understanding that bns team isnt at fault but community is. its players who try to get a 'quickie run' of everything and set the bars up making newbies/low ap ppl/casuals choke. and 24k dps is avg of 600 ap if your ms is somewhere around 120-150. bcz 650ap sets it to somewhere around 28k and yeah theres blue buff,kfm. and sb for tht. idc if you help or dont help weak new players b
  10. i can relate. i had this same *cricket* issue that made me unale to do nething . now am doing fine. if u havent already done these (which i did and am able to do msp fine, hell i was dcing in 6 man dungeons after the belooga patch) 1. clean hdd of your comp 2. delete all temp n prefetch 3. check the nvigidia cp:select bns on nvigidia vc n not integrated (zzz) 4. the specs u need to select : http://prntscr.com/ddn452 http://prntscr.com/ddn4eu 5.umm in general its a 32 bit client.so the thing u need to do is close all the other program background in cpu i
  11. RuneKey

    too fast!

    and the big surprise is...it takes a 550ap team to clear deso and ebon.
  12. RuneKey

    too fast!

    let me give you the real picture of how things are now in server 6 yunhwa juwol and junga :v before msp update : only 4 clans are active wid more then 10 hm 10 n above. , rest are with like people 6-7hm 10-12-14 active who do pve on their own timezone. thats exclusively why we used f8 being a 674 ap sm i have no prob doing that or living that time content. now: its dead...we only have 2-3 msp pt that means around 200 people are playing in the server.i am almost online 16 hours a day ._. so i know pretty sure these guys will farm their msp content..and some are
  13. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClv-03-UmDgnDZDCWmLLH5A does this guy play the same game or ne ?
  14. well i have a similiar sw to check the core coolers etc,i checked dust and stuff as well. i will try this on another laptop too to see if thats the prob. sum1 suggested emmory leak..but other games like dragon nest and terra works e.e
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