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  1. well thats just a plus whether its true or not, if it is then great! if not.. i wouldnt care.. the important thing is that the chara is lvl 50 lol
  2. mhmmm i see..thing is im like super lazy.. i dont wanna lvl it up and also i dont have the time.. is that true? about the windwalk all completed?
  3. i wanna buy and open a soul fighter character, but idk if its a waste of money or should i just lvl it up..
  4. hi tnx for reply, ok so should i sell the ring for 100g? that way i didnt lose any money
  5. oh ok i see! so final question, should i sell the ring and just farm draken necklace? ive come to realize its better
  6. damn man u have no idea how much i appreciate u and ur reply! thanks alot! but whats BT? XD and yes i checked i can sell draken ring for 100g, this way i get the money i spent exactly and what do u mean "when i get into a raid"?
  7. so wait im confused.. should i upgrade the destiny ring? and what do u mean i can sell it for 100g?
  8. btw i dont have other draken stuff, not rn at least
  9. tnx for ur reply! ive spent 100 gold on it cuz it was dropped in EC XD at stage 10 destiny ring gives 200 less crit, which for WL is alot.. especially frost WL.. i dont know what to do, should i save up stuff for it to unlock the destiny ring and just upgrade it or what lol
  10. my true yeti ring (final stage, cant upgrade it anymore) gives better stats than draken ring.. checked cntrl I, destiny ring at last stage has 200crit less than my true yeti ring..
  11. ultimate? wtf? and whats lvl55 i still dont understand damn..
  12. Just checked the skills page and down below theres 2 abilities that are for lvl 55 (?).. (for WL) 1 is called "enthrall" and does 28k-30k dmg and the other one is called "necrotic chains" which i think is a CC ability.. anyways, wtf? also it doesnt say what keys those abilities go on.. whats going on lol
  13. most of the outfits in F3 that are under the category of "hongmoon store", i cant find them there. For example, the white mask (similar to the scarlet one, but in white), i cant find it there in the store, but it clearly says that it should be there
  14. there used to be an option but i returned to the game after 6months break and people told me the option doesnt exist anymore.. is that true?
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