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  1. I actually thing that the 'torpedo' boobs are shaped that way so larger boobs still work with the jiggle mechanics and most costumes without non-stop clipping and half a breast being stuck in a cosmetic item. Also yes for Lyn boobs but no for anything larger then a B cup...
  2. I am a female player- I have a female Jin because she's hot. I also have a Lyn for those days where my ping hates me and I want to just button mash and pray.
  3. I just started the game a few weeks ago and before playing I looked into what two classes would be best to play as- What I saw were Assassin, Blade Master and Summoner- and out of those three I started as a Blade Master... which was very slow and took a bit to figure out combos but ended up alright. But I still decided to make a summoner character today and boy am I happy I did- got to level 15 in less then two hours which is pretty amazing for someone like me who gets distracted and tries to glide into mountains half the time. Now I'm interested on what everyone else thinks in terms of compar
  4. I don't know what others are saying, but for all pieces of media there will be stereotypes reused- this is basically just a collection of them- Similarly to how all auction movies have the gruff and tough male protag, normally in his late twenties to early forties with some family issues; in different forms of media we see a the same thing happen. In most 'anime' (also western cartoons and comics heavily inspired by anime) we see similar character representations. Long blonde hair = normally a playboy or a loud mouth, short dark hair with narrow eyes = strong and silent, ect. This
  5. I'm on chapter 17, I'm level 15 and this is my first time playing the game... and I'm completely out of health items- and I haven't even gotten a health item from a mob. Anyone have any tips on where I can get some or what's more likely to drop health pots?
  6. Well at least I know how to win next year, copy a dress onto a copied pose, add a few belts- maybe change the colors, and... yup trace a mask- I mean not trace, I'l add a few fins. I didn't even enter, I just joined the game a week ago but with all the runner ups being fantastic and original it seems really unfair for this one to win (and I've had people trace my art before or heavily reference it... I was less then pleased)
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