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  1. "Opponent's Sever inflicted 387,000 to you" "You were defeated by opponent's Sever" Sever - the unblockable, non targeting, 8m range half circle of death.
  2. Trove ass ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed me this season 1200 keys 0 dyad 0 gilded 0 octa 0 wings 0 vt badge mat 1 three star crit which was PRISMS goodbye $700
  3. Funny how times have changed. I played since release and back then I played lightning, all the way up until around when NF and BT were endgame. Back then, lightning was WAYYY easier to play, yes you had to maintain stealth, but shadow was far more tedious in comparison, given that poison stacking was a nightmare and you basically needed to have all of your HM skills for it to be remotely viable. Ahhh, the good ol days of 3 > z > tab > 2 > 4/tab. My fingers have forgotten the muscle memory for normal poison stacking XD. Weird how now, lightning is actua
  4. This is why I always carry people on my main. No "1.1k raven+" bullshit, just free carry. I understand the struggle because the event is hell for my alts, so I know how it must be for others. I had to drop 3k per alt just to gear them up to raven 3 so they wouldn't get kicked anymore
  5. hmm ok thanks for the input. i do use macro, but its bound to my mouse, not my keyboard. will make changes and test it out :) and yea i know tiger is better for solo parse haha, just wanted to try dragon ancestral before making the switch
  6. If I combine my IF + EL runs, i have about 500 runs in total. i have seen 5-6 transcendence engines, 2 hellion rings, but only 3 divine stones. TFW purple drop is rarer than the legendary lol
  7. I have 51-53 ping in BNS buddy, and Auto GCD is turned off. Tried noping and exitlag free trials, no difference in performance. I guess I'll just have to move lol
  8. I do have HM HS, got it like a year ago I just dont know how his Dark Strikes go so fast.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/qZifvFI I've been trying to work on my parse for TT, and for the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I am timing ancestral badge proc and BB with soul, and I am paying attention to Killing Intent. I know my parse is not perfect, but for my gear it really shouldn't be this shitty, even with mistakes here and there. CPU - i7-4790 GPU - msi gtx 1060 RAM - 8gb Storage - Samsung EVO 840 pro I currently use pingzapper + some fps and ping optimizations in BNS buddy In-game ping usually hovers between 90-120
  10. I 6v6 a ton, not necessarily for enjoyment but for the gold as i can rake in about 500-700g a day in moonstones. If you ask me, 6v6 is HEAVILY skewed in favor of ranged classes. Killing people as ranged class requires a staggeringly little amount of skill. Maybe 1 on 1 sure its fine. But in a big group fight, I see ranged people using no skill whatsoever, just run in and blow up the field with AOE and pray for a kill or two. How I wish my class had a brainless spammable AOE like that. But no, here i am, properly cc chaining and anicancelling to maybe squeeze
  11. As someone with 3 sets of soulshields (8 VT + 8 MSP + 8 Beluga/SSM) this would help immensely as i have to sacrifice a whole row of my inventory/primary bank just to have that 3rd set.
  12. If it makes you feel better, I play sin and we went 13 weeks without thrall badge. I was the ONLY melee in my raid without badge. Finally dropped this week. You just gotta be patient, it'll drop eventually.
  13. Sometimes when I press 2+F to daze, my sin fails to "turn around" and i end up kicking the air behind the enemy's head. This has happened to me several times in TOI / PvP as well, leaving me completely open to a combo because the recovery time for this skill is relatively long. Usually happens when i am inputting keys especially fast (hence, TOI / PvP but also happens rarely in dungeons when I'm trying to cc something). Just wanted to know if other people are experiencing this or if I'm just dumb and doing something wrong :) thanks.
  14. I live in a college dorm where the IP address switches frequently and is not under my control. I've had this error since saturday, its been 4 days and im still locked out. NCSOFT support is garbage, after leading me through some basic instructions to find out my PC's processes, their final response was a "helpful link" that directed me back to the support home page. Please. Pay attention, NCSOFT.
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