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  1. What i tried to say is not the "pride" or "the achievement of knowing how to play wind sum". I find wind summoner fun to play like this. I dont care which build is powerful. Earth is boring and i dont want wind to become boring too. And just wanted you to know i played wind without gear and still i dont have enough gear to play it but i will play wind no matter what. You can call it being fool or whatever you want. And nearly every class has "hardcore element" build which needs high gear to play fully potential.
  2. That might sound weird but i dont want wind summoner to become focus friendly. Players who prefers easy play can keep using earth build. But in this way wind summoner is quite challenging. It needs rotation, gear and brain and more fun to play with. That change you're talking about made this class boring in my opinion. I worked so hard to understand that rotation and still working so hard to getting badges and bt items. And it's fun!
  3. I tried frost build and found it really fun to play so im thinking about becoming a frost fm. But im not sure about my rotation. Which rotation should i use and which soul badge would be better for frost build?
  4. Raven is better for wind build, msp is better for earth build.
  5. Wow i didnt know that Sweet Treat has couple dance mode. I need someone with Pure Affection to teste it now XD And I agree I really didnt like the Northern Star outfit so didnt buy it. But it has really sweet dance emote. Wish i could have it without the outfit.
  6. I guess they need 8 hours more for it since they only could fix NA in 8 hours...
  7. He asked for 60k per hit. He can do it with wind legendaries and raven wep. And bt soulshield. I told the min. things. I saw a summoner who deals really good dps with that. Dunno if its 60k per hit but he could be able to deal 150-200k dps.
  8. Yeah probably they will add boxes next week not today. When cloud event ends.
  9. There is no op dmg but if you wanna press less buttons and have good dmg play fm, wl or sum.
  10. You need raven wep, legendary wind accesories and at least 3 bt soul shield with 5 msp shoul shield. Loooong way to go.
  11. Nyona

    ...nice work...

    It's really sad that they removed nearly half of our dps. And they made us the worst dps after destroyers. I've never seen this kind of nerf on other classes. But still there are 2 summoners in top 10 1vs1 list and i still believe this class has high potential after those nerfs. I dont like pvping that much but i really like this class and will love forever.
  12. Since the maintenance wont end till tomorrow i wanna share some screenshot of my precious lil devil. Me with a precious clan mate :3 Helping bf :3 Being crazy with bf XD My face when we couldnt pass the 2nd boss in Black Tower You cant find meeee~~
  13. Do they even care? They will give EU players 6 more cloud token and everyone will shut up and keep playing their game.
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