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  1. Show off your characters!!

    For some reason links are not working O.O Dunno why. I'll send the direct link. http://imgur.com/a/xcDih
  2. Show off your characters!!

    New photos :3
  3. Seraph or Baleful?

    I'm still so confused about this thing. My ap is 660 crit rate %55 and crit damage %210. I have 3-pieces of msp soulshields and im thinking about getting full set of them. I'll probably gonna use wind build cause i think its more enjoyable. So which weapon would be more useful for me? Some of them saying seraph is better some of them saying definitely go baleful. Wanna hear your ideas.
  4. I did this event with my 6 characters and got 3 gems already. Didnt even need the bundles. And if I continue to doing it i can even get 4th or 5th gems. This event was all about rng and I don't think I'm lucky. Crit rate was really high. My main didnt get any crit first 7-8 days and then got crit 3-4 times. My all other alts got more crit than my main. 
  5. I really wonder it too. Also there arent any old pet on the f5 market. I see only expensive ones on EU server. 
  6. I'm leveling an alt and wondering if its possible to trade LMB Hongmoon Skill items from my main to my alt? Are they account bound?
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Happy late valentine's day guys! Here's my main and alt fm. New outfits looks so cute and gorgeous ^.^    
  8. Show off your characters!!

      Changed how my main looks like a lil bit :3
  9. No sir, no, get your paws off my cute lil summoner. No one is forcing you to play with this class. Leave summoners alone. I'm fed up hearing all kind of "whinings" about summoners since the game released. I love my precious main summoner and i'll love her forever. Not only her look, also her playstyle. All summoner players love this class. Saying this class is for female players is sexist. I see lot of male players love summoner and lot of female players love other classes. Please, just please, leave us alone. We're happy. Thank you.
  10. Photogenic Characters

    Here's my babies   Summoner:   Soul Fighter:   Blade Master:   Warlock: