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  1. About this problem, i guess csc 5 's points are the point of AD 1-10 so if you complete AD1-10 in the past, CSC1-5 will not count point again. I have rechecked after finish CSC5, other pages quest give me point as intended. But the question now is how do we finish 7-DC quest in soulboost when 3-times HM dun is nearly impossible for low gear like us, PVP is a dead content (tag match, 1v1, beluga,...). Can you share your idea about this problem @Green Storm?
  2. Anyway, hi @Green Storm, what do you think about 7 daily quest in soulboost? Now we can't do it due to lack of DG, pvp/tagmatch - is - dead, so i wonder if dev can push the quest "Master Undone" in Solak to list of daily challenge quest (like the battle pass event). And will the soulboost be extended due to all the bugs after patch?
  3. @Green StormI also didn't get point for soulboost quest finished. Please refer the images as below:
  4. This event should be extended for at least 1 week so ppl will be noticed to buy it in time. 27-28th is really so short duration.
  5. After the patch Hive queen, i can't find any bracelet tiger/dragon in 2x runs in Naryu Sanctum. My questions are: - Can the brace drop in NM or just only HM nowadays? Because i didn't see the bracelet in the list rewards of NS nm - Is it drop as a bracelet lvl 1 or the lost relic chest?
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