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  1. Upcoming Blade & Ghoul Event Improvements

    no doubt the worst events of the game not to say the worst do not drop coins ever, you must always be vigilant to kill the boss, they take time to appear, the suit is ugly and on top is expensive ... daily missions do not give you coins pa take the suit come on I'm not going to bother going to zaiweii ruins more pa an ugly suit other years put very cool costumes and for free as the Spellcaster or blood masquerade or put the merchant wonder now nothing you put them in the store to let you have the money that other years were free in the events I only show my opinion as a player since 2016 and I see that the events lose their rewards every time ... like the daily spin that was previously given to you by a suit if you you completed before so many days now they give you 10 pouch xddd as if we were not already xD