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  1. i know many eastern games my friend that kept going on in the east while closed in the west, not wishing it to BnS as i love the game , but i am not optimistic from what i see.
  2. As all games out there they have three stages: 1: start fun to attract ppl. 2: the game reach some level when it gets boring and they start promising things. 3: milk the cows and run away with the cash "dead game" i think we are starting the 3rd stage.
  3. pls give us the option to join back, specially those battles take long enough to reconnect and join back, the game server is unstable lately and we are loosing much time :(
  4. i second that... also even after you report those bots nothing happen to them they keep farming the spot, its really unfair and its hurting the crafters.
  5. during dungeon the game froze , i didnt dc and still move around and chat but couldnt advance, clearly my team mates gone to other stage while my game froze? anyone experienced the same ?
  6. they have said on Twitter its server issue and they are looking on it
  7. Wait a minute , summoner isnt the only class that got heals, whatever summoner does is unfair, aint this community that wanted summoners to be a support class and got them nerfed to the ground ? now you complain they got heals ? if you were smart enough you would knew that ppl are hard to kill because of the crit def on the new pvp soulshield + the high HP, get your fact right and leave the summoner out of it. A side note: the most wanted class in 6vs6 now is the Warlock as SB now gives an epic damage
  8. Alert Summoner haters attack, nobody is crying except those people and they dare to come troll on a post started by a summoner hater to say summoners are crying ....get a life, after all these nerfs if you cant kill a summoner sometimes easily your a noob .
  9. How about providing something else that satisfy your ambitions while keeping PvP battleground as it is for those that love it and work hard for it ?
  10. Welcome LILDOOP thats a cool name
  11. i never seen the 100 or 1000 gold NEVER, even the 10's are rare i think i had like 4 or 5 of them only; hell even one gold didn't come for a while O.O
  12. thats a long stun didnt know
  13. some hate PvP some like it, for me its fine, of course you lose some and you win some, if they do gear equalizer there will be no need to do the battleground at all since the main reason to do it is getting PvP SS and weapon, if all that will become useless.... it will only become moonstone farm land like ex SSP
  14. WoW i hope its a mistake from them not intentional, We request that this will be fixed soon.
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