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  1. The game engine is really old, why everyone is waiting for UE4 update so your not always going to get great fps. You can try allot of things to help though. -Run Shadows Visibility at 2 -Run Shadow Level at 2 -SFX Quality for others at 1 {you dont need them to look good just you} -Monster Effects Quality at 2 {some run at 3} -Background Effects at 2 {no pixie dust effects where your not focus on} -Extra Effects at 2 Turn off Motion blue and Depth of field, I keep bloom on just my personal taste. Keep all Speacial Effects off and for god dont u
  2. this will help with all the outfits that I have lost legally buying off RNG boxes but the Treads I have gotten off them in the years should still be refunded. Anyways I am still going to take screen shoots of my outfits and counts... Along with my inventory knowing the "fix" might have bugs too
  3. I have said it before, @Hime The only real fix to this major issue would really be to place treads in the F10 for 0. Then turn back on that exploit but only for 1 day. This way everyone that lost there items that they paid for with RL money {Thank you paypal/youtube for keeping record} to get them back. Mind that you should only turn it on for 1 day so that people can not over stack on items and if need be to place a limit of 100 {keeping in mind its still RNG for them outifts} so it wont go too nuts.
  4. Tomorrow’s the big day for me. It will let me know if I want to keep adding money into the game or do as many major player did and move to another. I do normally spend more then I should here so it might be best for me to just quit now.
  5. The wife rarely plays but she finally logged on her account and got 1 pet off the market and a outfit she liked. They are gone from her account now so it didnt only effect people that abused it. I my self did buy some pets off the market LEGAL and got my outfits removed so no it didn't just effect only people that abused it.
  6. @Hime its funny that the simple fix for all this would be to turn on that exploit again for just 1 day and place 2 treads on the F10. that would give people a means to get all there lost outfits back and be happy to play again. Mindful just for 1 day so they can not over stack the market again or line there pockets too much with anything else.
  7. lol there going to optimize it by making sure you have a 30min log in time and 10min loading. but the fps will be a nice crisp 120
  8. The best thing that NCsoft can do right now is to load in there saved inventory files from preupdate to give back items and things to the players. The players yeah did use the exploit but it was not there fault for finding something out that was NC fualt. I know my self and a friend did buy pets and right now I am out 2-3k gold of pets that I did buy off the market. Buddy of my has been in the game for years spending over 400USD a month lost all his pets and outfits his gotten from trove. now is asking for a recall from his bank for money spent and quieting the game. With thin
  9. K so I hope this bid helps some people in a way. I don’t really care much for this event but am farming as much to get my pet gems.
  10. I have been using this event to really just give my self a reason to lvl up my alts {just story}. I normally when uploading vids do it on sundays but this time I am really late to the game. I hope that this vid helps some one out and its really just my view on the event.
  11. Yeah I do understand it always feels like a mini trove to me. I do like that I can sale the coins for gold cheaper then buying from NC. BTW whats your plans for trove? going to go all out?
  12. Hongsil's Treasure Draw is a pay to win option in the game but its not as major as trove. It will only give you basic things {low for the money} so really play at your own risk. Along with the draw there is also a pouch "Jubilant Jackpot Event". This is a worth option for people to open. The pouch will open all the way to stage 10 and its fully RNG for the items you get just that stage 10 will give you Lion Cub. I hope that you all enjoy this vid and hope to you see in the next one. :) If I left anything out please let me know.
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