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    @chocofernia im playing at lowest graphic all time (also tried this option with optimalization for low-end pc) but it doesnt work for me at all
  2. cute yun?

    Hello everyone, can i ask somebody with a good character creator skills to make or even find any cute yun presents? something like this one would be really cool I have played only lyns before and now i want to try kfm yun but i wanna her to be really cutie pie like lyns are but i cant do it by myself ;-; so anyone? please
  3. Presets. Taking req.

    Hello! Can I ask you remake this one? or make something as cute as her, i have never played yun and i cant make any cutie by myself ;-;
  4. well i finally decided to find a way to fix this kind of error, because of this i almost cant play. im usually getting it while changing locations, i searched for any way to fix this already but seems like nobody ask for help with this one before, so anyone? what should i do