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  1. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    You guys want to know what the stuppiest part is? That if you actually want to P2W in this game you don't even need to give money to NCsoft. Let me make things clear before I say this, i'm NOT saying ppl who are doing are right, I'm just reporting the truth as a warning for any NCSoft employee that stills cares for this game and wants to investigate this matter. The only way to get power fast in BnS is to buy gold, but not buying it from F9, the gold sellers are everywhere, they announce all day in faction chat, they are announcing it in Facebook and other medias and they are from many regions that play the game. I can't speak for EU, but in NA servers i have to block at least 2 per day on faction chat and have been reporting them as spammers, and if you check BnS communitys in many languages and even some discords, you'll find them easily. Even some players sell their gold and there are websites specificaly made for this purpose, you can find them in a simple google search. Have any of you guys been to SSP lately? The bots there are ridiculous right now, as soon as a boss shows up they all log in the game, all of them are GS, they use their ultimate skills as soon as the boss spawn and, if you are a regular player there you wont even get the reward no matter how hard you dps because the boss dies instantly. And dont even get me started on BG... This is only a couple of examples of how the gold sellers farm gold now, and you'd think NCsoft would be at least interested in ending this business but god know why they never even bother to try anymore, no matter how many tickets you open reporting the issue, believe me i know many friends that tried and got the same automatic vague response. Altough I agree on the topic above, and i too think that this event was made with only 5% of the shirinking player base in mind, this will backfire for NCwest because the main tool for ppl to get stronger in the game is NOT giving them money.
  2. Server Consolidation — May 1

    the way I see it, a game dies when there is not enough players to keep the servers running, we went form almost a dozen servers to only 2 in the last 2 years, the game is dying, that is a fact, the shirinking player base proves that. But its not dead yet, that will happen soon if the players themselves and NCSoft/Wests refuse to acknolege it and starts to do something aboout it.
  3. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Well, i just hope this serves as a wakeup call for the dev team and producers. As a player for South America that has been playing this game for almos 3 years this kind of merge tells me that this game is dying, the player base keep lowering and the dev team is too far away in Korea to even notice what the NA and EU players really want. The producers either don't know what is going on or don't care at all, and the communication issue between al the parts involved, Players, NCWest and NCsoft is, in my opinion, the biggest cause for the player evasion. Since me and many of my friends strugle with lag and prefomance issues aswell, i can say that, if at least the perfomance issues were resolved many form SA would still be playing it. BnS is not a bad game, is fun and challenging but after dedicating 3 year playing a BM i feel really frustated that my DPS diference from a NA players is getting bigger every day, and the main reason ppl are leaving, are the arrival of better optimised and less ping dependent games. I would switch to a SA server immediatelly if i knew that any that would be release, i know for a fact that many SA players would do the same, and many are already planning on switching to other games when they release. This game was not desingned to be a continental game, much less at the level of ping diferences that we see in america. it was desingned to work on a small country with high internet connections and better average computer builds than we see in most places, that was too big of an oversight from the developer team that they never care to fix, and that many other games don't suffer or have been working to resolve in one way or another. The way i see it, since the last server merge was in 2017, this game has at most 1 or 2 more years of life before they either they merge EU and NA servers or shut the game down completely.
  4. HQ bug bomb

    So... did they fix it yet? Cause me and my clan have been trying to clear HQ since the update (Dec 05) and this bug is making it impossible for us, we don't have enough DPS to just Stun the boss and with this mecanics we've been just skipping HQ entirely. Note that we were doing fine before the patch and even got to 40% mecanics. Since our raid is only Friday i would like to know so i could avoid waste our time on bad content and go directly to SK. In our experience, she just kill everyone DPSing in mid unless they leave just after KD and if someone tries to get back in they would just instantly die. We do have ppl with some good gear but since we are a brazilian clan our DPS is already reduced due to ping issues. Please be more considerate to us south american players, we are poor but still persevere even with this kind of issue and keep on playing, cause we love the game.
  5. Me and my clan got the same problem, and since we have low dps/gear, we're strugling to even reach the first add phase, some ppl already gave up on the game because HQ is basicaly impossible with the bug bomb hitting everyone in middle. And in the current patch notes we saw no mention of the bugs being fixed.
  6. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    Not to mention Lunar Twilight Flowers as rewards for dungeons like Starstone Mines, Drowning Deeps and Hollow's Heart after nerfing the gold all the others silverfrost dungeons to almost nothing, most new players in my clan strugle to upgrade gears as it is and have to improvise in some older dungeons to get gold. I am sure they don't consider many players in this game have high ping and the DPS is heavly influenced by it, mostly latin american players like me can't reach DPS levels that would make hard mode dungeons more easy, unless they are overgeared to said dungeons, in my case for exemple, even using a VPN in my best days i get 250 ms delay for a raid run and my DPS as a BM with Aransu 6 weapon and gear can get at best 285k DPS without BW/BB combo, and i have some friends in US that can do that on a BM with Raven Gear. I have some other friends in Brazil that quit the game cause defeating Master Hong with their ping was downright impossible, and the exemples go on. The changes here mostly increase material that new players strugle to get on dungeons, require leveled alts to farm from weeklys and a lot of time. Unless you got some strong friends that would carry you. It is ok if have passed thoses materials, i for once have a lot of them even for alts, but i play this game for 2 years and have currently 7 alts that i use to farm weeklys and some events. Its also worth mentioning that farming soulstone Crystals in SSP is extremely annoying due to overpopulation of bots that log in only to kill the Bosses, wich makes it impossible for even high geared players to even get the kill on bosses there. In conclusion, i suggest you guys start doing some research on your own game and start paying attention to the game community if you want to keep players interested.
  7. +1 to this, Not only is an outdate feature, it develues the item it self, because after you get enough for your main, in some cases its better to throw the item away instead of keeping it and wasting invetory space, that is a luxury many players cannot afford in this game. I got 3 divine grace stones in my main and got 2 more on alts that I can't transfer, i could use those stones to get my first Legendary soulbadge. About petpods... don't even get me started on those... but i think what made the prices go stratosferic was the fact that you used to get 3 to 4 pet fragments after salvaging a pet, and so they nerfed it to only one per pet, but you still need over 200 to upgrade your pet aura to max if your RNG is bad. Its a hindsight that made me completely ignore my alts upgrades and even delay the upgrade of the pet aura n my main until the chirstmas event. Account bound itens would not only be an improvement on quality of life for players but it would make progression easier for alts as well.
  8. So... Warlock got nerfed... Shadow Build got destroyed, dunnno why but now Soul Burn doesn't seem to be as usefull as before. Anyone got any idea why such a severe nerf was needed for a class that was mostly Support/DPS in the first place? Is the Class dead for PVE?
  9. Fix Cold Storage...

    I'm having the same problema today, it gets realy anoying since i don't have enough AP to make Sundered and just need one more DG to finish my Daily Challenge. Luckly i got a CS reset a few day ago, so i'll have to use it because NCSoft can't fix a simple programing error for the last 6 months aprently.