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  1. If you arent to see the aoe/ graphics effects such as raven king punishment, you could turn on all your graphics to combat mode(in settings) and then put all your setting to max. This should update and reset the game's graphics effects which hopefully should fix the problem. There is also a separate tab for boss indicators, which might also help. This happened to me last year because I was messing around with my graphics to boost my fps.
  2. If the game has an error or doesn't start, you could try repairing the file. If that doesn't help then as a last resort you can uninstall and redownload bns but it will take a while to download all the files again.
  3. Ive been having disconnecting issues too but when I do, I just do the file repair that you can access before loading the game which usually resolves the issue.
  4. I guess I wasn't clear enough, I meant rng soul, this and that. Meaning everything that is currently rng in Korea. The only reason why people are whining over the last event is that Korea hands out free guaranteed account bound pet pods and sacred vials in their daily rewards. Now, who wouldn't want to get 1+(based on how many alts you have) sacred vials, pet pods a day over rng? https://imgur.com/9E14jaV
  5. It's not exactly clear if they meant bound to account materials or sellable materials. I'm always expecting the worse.
  6. This issue should have been addressed since Silverfrost Mountain content since to transmute a premium transformation stone you are required moonstones, elysian orbs which are sellable materials that are only obtainable through the weekly challenge. On July 25th, it is expected that these materials obtainable will be decreased from the weekly challenge making it even harder to craft them. Let's all be honest, why have moonstone crystals and elysian crystals when you cant even use them to craft a simple premium transformation stone lol? You know that premium transformatio
  7. Great idea but they won't implement such a thing since they will lose profit.
  8. The event is not a permanent solution to a problem. This event is ending next week or so. Therefore it is still 5.
  9. Many reasons for the drop. The majority of people have quit and moved on to better games that don't treat their player base like trash. They should be using That money to improve the game. The devs have absolutely no idea what is going on in their game. And doing ninja nerfs to our gold income My daily gold income has been reduced from 20g to 80 silver.
  10. It is 5. The 1 emp is only for the duration of the event.
  11. Yep, usually by teams of whales. 6v6 has no team, gear, attack power balancing.
  12. I haven't even touched the new raid yet(the one after skybreak spire/BT) because I'm not geared enough or that I'm not spending enough. Honestly, though, the new raid is only for the 0.1% of the BnS populations which is all the pay-to-win creeps. They think that everyone is on the same path as Korea in term of gear. But let me tell you this straight, we are WAY WAY far behind in terms of gold the community has. I not sure where the hell BnS is collecting their data(probably the 0.1% whales) because they are probably one of the best company to bait and disappoint their player base.
  13. The cost reduction to Riftwalk stage 3 to stage 6 is not even considered a cost reduction, its still way more expensive than raven which is a joke. BnS don't really care about their player base anyone. I dought they will be doing anything since the event is already out.
  14. Dude its capitalism, they trying to make you pay-to-win so you can get those tokens. It's sad really, last year when they announced that they weren't going to be pay-to-win and ended up lying to everyone's faces. I'm not sure why people still trust them because I lost faith in them a long time ago.
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