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  1. Noted! Thank you for all the comments guys really appreciate it.
  2. Ty for all the comments. Yeah this actually took weeks to make the main reason is I try to ask a lot of people about their idea and adjust accordingly. A lot of my friends who play male chars saying they like it look cool and not too much accessories and stuff. And for the female version; in blade and soul I think showing off skin is pretty normal and I think it's look cute at the same time strong but I may not be able to communicate through art to a lot of people. People view art differently. Appreciate all comments.
  3. Wow thanks Zeroo. That really helps me keep going.
  4. Too bad I didn't make it to the final 11 designs this time. Anyways I would appreciate comments so I can do better next time. Thank you
  5. I'm not sure if this happens to everybody but after the update about a month or so ago, buying nCoin takes a lot longer to update meaning if I apply the code that I just bought it will take maybe an hour or more to be able to use in game. With that said I missed the daily rotation outfit (devotion) because of it. I contact BNS-support team through ticket and as much as they want to grant my request they say they don't have control over something that have been removed from the game. I don't fully understand what they mean but basically they told me to post the matter on BNS forum and Productio
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