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  1. To give you an idea of netcode differences: In Aion, during 300-600 man nexus raids, or Fortress Abyss PVP Everyone's FPS was 15fps or less and it was a slide show of rubberbanding. This game can't even get 6 man dungeons to be consistent let alone raids.
  2. To be blunt, BNS has the worst ping times of any game I've played in the last 24 years, When I play BNS, I feel like I'm back to playing on a dialup modem in my Quake 1 days.
  3. No, but I've been gaming online for 24 years, and I work in the IT field.
  4. The issue is the netcode in BNS is trash and always has been. Added to the fact that the ping time you see in game DOES NOT account for movement. That ping time is ONLY when you use skills. So while I ping 40ms to Texas, My skill ping is 90-150 in BNS with occasional spikes to 250ms. That has nothing to do with routing, or my ISP, or my PC. That's NCSoft's shit servers and shit netcode that people have been complaining about for the last 5 years, and still NCSoft does nothing about it. And if you think I have a poor connection, then tell that to my ISP who provide
  5. The problem is, when you lose a lot of rank for a loss it's because you lost to someone lower ranked than you. When you lose to someone higher ranked than you, you do not lose as much. If you win against someone who is higher ranked than you. You gain more, and you gain little if you beat someone lower ranked than you. The larger that spread is, the more rewarding and punishing it becomes. And yes levels do effect those gains and losses.
  6. In short OP he's saying git gud, because he has no clue how to play any other class but BM. And that's not a stab at you OP.
  7. First of all I never said BM was OP.... I hate the fact they can chain block stun someone, but I realize the need for it even as a FM. Secondly, Some of the skills a FM has are broken or have little to no use, granted that's my opinion based on what kind of BS I've seen in PVP Third do you really believe a FM DESIGNED BY NCSOFT needs Evasion as a primary defensive stat, when the *cricket*ing stat doesn't even work? Why even have Evasion in the game, make it passive ability for KFM exclusively and remove the defensive stat from the Character sheet for a
  8. That actually explains why I struggle so much in silver, and go against people that I wonder if they should even be in silver. But, that doesn't stop the fact people deliberately derank.
  9. And the best way to do that is for NCSoft to lower the prices on NCoins which are stupid expensive relative to gold exchange rates. Feel free to change the cost of items in the shop relatively, but the cost of NCoins for gold exchange is outrageously high compared to just buying gold from a gold farmer which is their entire economic structure. Another thing NC can do, which they HAVE done in other games is make cash shop items tradeable (within reason) and sellable on the open player market in game. Another source of gold for players when the exchange rate is stupid high for no
  10. I'm inclined to disagree. Yes their block stun is BS at best, but they do have a weakness in their rotation which a FM can exploit easily. It's just knowing when and how to do it. And you don't need HM Grip to do it. Granted I'm by far decent at PVP, but recently learned how to exploit that weakness against BM's which have made for increasingly consistent results in my matches against them. And I understand there are BM's out there which are basically amazing despite the weakness I see in their rotations I just am hoping over time I can learn to deal with those types
  11. Update: After further testing I figured out what is causing the low FPS, and it's a combination of 2 things. Nvidia Driver Version: 372.54 (current newest) 1. BNS - is not working with G-Sync 2. Nvidia G-Sync does not work in windowed mode with BNS and causes extremely low FPS while BNS is in "Borderless Full Screen Mode" (default for BNS) 3. Forcing "True Full Screen Mode" in BNS can cause Nvidia drivers to crash continuously. BNS - Does not run in true full screen mode - In my case when trying to force this Nvidia drivers co
  12. Just to provide an update with driver crashing: My issue is resolved to that extent, it appears it may be related as Miho suggested to nvidia experience. So you will want to install the drivers through device manager rather than using Nvidia's installer. DDU uninstall all drivers, then decompress Nvidia file by running it. Once decompressed exit out of the installer, and use device manager to locate the video card drivers. I was however able to reproduce the driver crash which again only happens in BNS and no other game. When switching to "True" full screen mode with the 372.5
  13. I have a better idea.... How about they let us move the skills anywhere we *cricket*ing want on the toolbar... Then we wouldn't have this stupid ass problem to begin with. Call me captain obvious and all. God forbid it makes doing combos easier and all, instead of being at the mercy of the Korean ideology for game play. Last time I checked MMO's weren't Street Fighter.
  14. A good start: Upgrade to Siren's gear Upgrade to Pirate's gear Upgrade weapon (2 pathes to follow on weapon upgrade) Finish Story Quest Run level 50 Daily Challenges Run Mushin's Tower (T5 Skill unlocks) (upgrade mats) Run Tower of Infinity (T5 Skill unlocks) (upgrade mats) Run 6/24 man PVE dungeons with a clan, or randomly to acquire Soul Shield Upgrades PVP Arena 1v1 or 3v3 for Beans (T5 Skill unlocks) PVP Whirlwind Battlegrounds for other needed rewards to unlock some T5 skills Grab your T5 skill quest
  15. Protip: Don't go to websites you are unfamiliar with let alone websites that ask you to login with your game credentials. They didn't hack anything, they simply took your login credentials which you gave them. It's called a "Phishing Scam"
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