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  1. I'm curious to know if it is possible to have the games solo instances to be made to work client side rather the server side, with data being uploaded to the servers. which in my opinion would level the playing field for a lot of the people playing this game I like I mentioned it is just simple curiosity that might wok
  2. Hey, guys recently I have been struck with a bug in which my BM returns into Idle stance mid-combat. I do not know if it has happened to anybody else and can't find this topic being brought up anywhere in the forums either but if it has please feel free to direct me to that thread. The issue that I have comes up mostly in the TT Raid (Chol Mugo Arch) me and my progression raid tends to wipe to this a lot. It tends to be like a lottery which at times seems fine and other times my BM straight up refuses to stay in combat and just casually sheaths his weapon causing me to die and ultimately wipe
  3. why are you telling us to prepare for 12-man and then tell us to that u made a mistake, most raid groups mostly either disbanded or are preparing for this 12-man already and when you do decide to release Dark Origins content you want us to learn 24-man mechs just to pull the rug under our feet and force every group to do 12-man mechs. It would be better to release the new content the same time as u are planning to do the raid size because its stupid otherwise
  4. know that people complain about the camera always being automatically being zoomed in in pve/pvp tag but instead of complaining about i was thinking to maybe get the attention of the Dev's with this one instead and ask to maybe have a setting in the options menu that gets the camera locked in position in both aspects either separately [pve/pvp] or altogether which reduces the need to zoom out whenever you Windstride into a near are or get tagged into the 3v3 match. Anyway thank you all for reading this please feel free to come up with your own ideas for this subject.
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