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  1. That's just dumb. Main thing here is that the players are not hacking nor exploiting. The company is the main culprit here, they somehow got the price bug in the game, and when they found out they PUBLICLY ADVERTISED IT causing the obvious response: everyone running there. First, the game is a bussiness, so they can't just go all Law & Order and permaban everyone cuz then their playerbase and income dies. Simple logic. Second, at this point you have a lot of people that maybe didn't want to do it but just felt pressured to do it cuz they felt they'd be left behind i
  2. Recently, as you all know, there were some improvements to the benefits of having a Premium Membership, which we have to agree are pretty cool. Mostly cuz Premium benefits weren’t really so worth it before. Among the announced benefits there was the one that I liked the most: Free character appearance changer voucher with 3 months premium. Got really hyped about it cuz I had an active 3 month premium membership I always saw things in my chars that I’d like to change, but they were small details so I thought it wasn’t worth it to just buy a voucher. But turns out that I
  3. If that was the case it means that if ever it hits 1:1.0 then we'd be stuck forever at below 1:1.0. Hope that's not it. There has been plenty of days where the average was 1:2.0 (meaning everything was being sold at that price), but never a whole week.
  4. Yeah. Price would have gone higher than 1:2 already a couple times if it wasn't for this hard cap.
  5. Some time ago there was an article in Blade and Soul webpage about F9, explaining how the price changed based in the transactions for the past 7 days. I attach here an image of the part where this is explained. The example is simple: if the standard price of gold was to be 1:3, then you could sell gold at any price from 1:1 to 1:4, which makes for a pretty wide range (that should also dynamically change according to the last completed transactions). But this is not happening. It's been weeks now that the ONLY cap that changes dynamically is the minimum price, but the maximum price
  6. This. Please, what happened? It's not in received items as it said in patch notes.
  7. Devs only work with the code and all, they don't take the decisions. There's a separate team that takes decisions. Devs just follow orders.
  8. Yeah, the xanos hands was a stupid scam too. "Oh but we give you back the ncoin you spent" ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ it, people had purchased ncoin specifically and only for that. They didn't want ncoin for OTHER things.
  9. I was just thinking about this. There is people who lost real money to this. This can probably qualify as a criminal scam?
  10. Just thought of this: Step 1: Announce Radiants will get exchanged for gem powders, making prices go up and people start hoarding them. Step 2: Lower the minimun gold ratio for gold selling to 1:2 Step 3: Announce at last day that Radiants won't get exchanged for what you promised, but for 10 g (that with the new gold selling ration means 18 hmcoins). Step 4: Sell powders and fragments through F10. That's how you basically completely destroy people's savings and money. It almost sounds like a planned thing.
  11. Yeah, I might just up and leave at this point. What am I gonna stay for? Wait to see how many times I can get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed over? There's people who lost REAL MONEY for this. Not me, thank god. But there's people who prolly bought gold with ncoin to stack up radiants. This is literally a scam.
  12. I understand the decision, but to be honest putting them at 10g trading is just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing over pretty much EVERYONE. People have been buying them for 15-17g in order to get the gem powders and not cuz they were so hot on getting soon-to-be-worthless items. So if you wanna put them in the antique in exchange for gold, you gotta at least freaking match the market price for the last week (again, 15g to 17g) or you're gonna have a looooot of pissed players here. Hell, I'm pissed and I didn't even buy many now. But the big whales that bought like 1k to get their gems and got scammed
  13. There ARE things that can be done to improve the experience for players with higher latencies. In a patch a few months ago I noticed that my flicker speed was much smoother and faster (BM) than previous to it. I think they have included things like XML editing for this to happen. So I'm pretty sure there are ways to improve the experience. And it should be important, since a lot of the player base actualy plays at 200+ ping.
  14. So I've been analizing all the crafting costs (only for tradable stuff) and I've encountered something. The "Prickly Pear Potion Chest" costs more per unit if you craft 10 together than crafting 5. It's the ONLY case in the entire crafting system that this happens right now (again, only tradable stuff). My theory is that the 2nd quantity was to be 11 or 12 units instead of 10. All other craftables from the Silver Cauldron produce at least one more unit than double of the lowest production quantity (6 to 15, and 4 to 9 in the other potions).
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